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5 Things To Consider When Looking To Buy Weighted Blankets

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weighted blanket

weighted blanket

Weighted Blankets offer many health benefits and are being increasingly used by people worldwide. This blanket helps reduce anxiety and stress, improves sleep quality, helps stabilize blood pressure, and more. With many choices available in the market, it can be quite overwhelming to choose from the best weighted blankets. Here are a few things to make this selection easier.

1. Weight of the Blanket

Weighted blankets come in different weights, ranging from 5 pounds to 20 pounds. When buying one, it is recommended to opt for a blanket that is 10 percent of your body weight for safety reasons.

Anything light or heavy will not work properly as the weighted blanket works by offering a deep pressure stimulation similar to a hug. For instance, if your weight is 150 pounds, a 15-pound blanket will be a good pick. However, if your weight is between sizes, sizing up will be the right idea. For a person weighing 130 pounds, a 15-pound blanket will work fine.


2. Filler Material and Distribution of Weight of the Blanket

Weighted blankets are filled with either tiny glass or plastic poly pellets. The type of weights and the fabric used in the filler will affect the blanket's thickness and density. A blanket using plastic pellets as fill is heavier and cheaper than glass beads.

Also, some of the best weighted blankets will work effectively only when the beads' weight is evenly distributed. It is essential to choose a blanket with stitched pockets so that the beads do not fall on one side while moving during sleep.


3. Choosing the Right Fabric

Considering what fabric is used outside the blanket is equally important as what is inside. Weighted blankets come in various fabrics such as flannel, polyester, satin, fleece, and cotton. Choose a material best suited to the temperature conditions.

For warmer seasons, the cotton fabric will make the right choice. Flannel or fleece is ideal for cooler months.  You can also use a duvet cover in cotton or any other fabric that fits over your weighted blanket.


4. Size of the Blanket

While buying a weighted blanket, you also need to consider its size, which should match your bed's dimensions. People with sensory disorders will not be comfortable covering certain parts of the body, so choosing the blanket’s size is of great importance. Again, an oversized blanket will not provide the deep pressure stimulation.

The ideal size will be the one that covers your body from the neck down to their feet. Measure the dimensions needed to cover the body and get your blanket accordingly. In case the blanket is used during travel time for those who have anxiety while traveling, a smaller blanket will prove to be a good choice.


5. Price

Apart from the above considerations, it would help if you also chose a weighted blanket that comes within your budget. Buying a quality heavy weighted blanket is a health investment, especially for treating insomnia. The physical benefits of these weighted blankets are certainly more than paying for medications in the long term.

By understanding how to choose the best weighted blankets, you can get the appropriate blanket that will provide you benefits for years to come.







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