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7 Things You Must Have When Traveling Abroad 

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travel items

travel items

There’s no greater pleasure than traveling the world. You get to see different cultures, locations, people, and more. It’s quite fun as well as enlightening to experience different things. It also gives you a fresh perspective. 

As exciting as traveling can be, there are a few things that can make or break your trip. In this article today, I’m going to highlight a few things that you must have when traveling abroad. I’m sure it will help you with your next trip abroad. 

Travel Insurance  

First and foremost, you must have travel insurance when flying out of the country. As a matter of fact, you’re more prone to injuries and mishaps when away from home. It isn’t anything to be scared of, you just need to be prepared for the worst. 

Travel insurance can help with a lot of things. Whether it’s a camera that you misplaced or an injury you suffered, a travel insurance plan can be your best friend in all such desperate times. It can save a considerable amount of money. 



medicines for traveling

medicines for traveling

Yes, you’ll get the required medications on the plane. You can also find medications at the local pharmacy, but do you know a lot of countries have a ban on selling pharmaceutical drugs without a prescription? That’s right, guys! 

Going to the local GP only to get a painkiller prescribed is again a hassle. Therefore, it’s a sensible decision to carry the basic pharmaceutical medicines, such as painkillers, anti-allergy pills, anti-anxiety medicine, and more. It can save you a few bucks as well that you can use on something better like a hot dog, maybe.


A Pair of Flip Flops 

flip flops sunglass hat

flip flops sunglass hat

I still remember the first time I flew to Dubai, the only thing missing in my luggage was a pair of flip flops. I thought it wasn’t necessary, but we planned to go to the beach the same day we arrived in Dubai. What happened then? I couldn’t go into the sad because of my shoes. 

It was then I realized the significance of carrying flip flops to travel destinations. Running to the nearby supermarket just to grab a pair of flip flops  was no less than a hassle. It was also a waste of money as I had many of those resting at home. Thus, now I always carry flip-flops wherever I go, and so should you.


An Alarm Watch 



You may not realize the significance of an alarm watch at this point, but trust me; it’s more than useful. Yes, you can use your smartphone for alarm and notifications, but what if it runs out of battery? After all, it’s an electronic device, anything can happen. 

In such a situation, having a backup is necessary. I repeat you must always have a plan B. Henceforth, it’s wise to carry a vibrating alarm watch when traveling abroad. It’s one way to ensure that you’re always on time for everything, be it a connecting flight, a dinner reservation, or a ballet show that you were keen to see. 


A Portable Charger 

portable charger

portable charger

Imagine visiting that picture-perfect location only to find out that your camera is out of battery and you cannot take any pictures. How would that make you feel? I, for one, would be pretty anxious in such a situation. Yes, you can enjoy the location, but what about the pictures? 

After all, pictures are the only memories we’re left with at the end of the day. It is precisely why I always recommend carrying a portable charger. It’s one way to make sure your camera or smartphone never goes out of battery, so you can take as many pictures as you need and make as many memories as you want.


Additional Clothes 

Although I don’t recommend you overpack, still packing a few additional clothes is crucial. As an example, I suggest you carry a scarf or sweater. Why? Well, there are many reasons. The first one being, the plane can be chilly, and secondly, the weather may fluctuate. You never really know what life has in store for you. 

Besides that, you must check the climate and weather of the location you’re visiting. It’s something you need to do before packing the clothes. In case it’s winter, I would suggest you pack a few summer tees as well. Packing a few pieces that go against the weather is the key.


Credit or Debit Card 

credit debit cards

credit debit cards

Last but not least, you should carry a credit or debit card whenever traveling abroad. There’s only a certain amount of cash that you can carry when traveling abroad. In case you have a high amount of cash, it may get you in trouble due to the custom laws of the country. Also, carrying a high amount of cash is not safe as theft and robberies are common at airports. 

What you can do is carry a debit or credit card that works internationally. That way, you won’t have to carry all the money in cash. I must say it’s a relatively safe option. The credit or debit card would work in similar ways. You can buy whatever you want or need safely without any issue.


The Takeaway 

Traveling is more than fun when done right. It’s as simple as that. Going abroad without travel essentials can affect your trip adversely. How can you enjoy yourself when you don’t have the required items? The truth is, you can’t! 

Follow the tips mentioned above, and I’m confident you’ll have the best time of your life. Comfort is a necessity. The list mentioned above will positively contribute to your trip abroad, so you must remember it ahead of time. I wish you a wonderful day ahead, my friends!



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