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3 Things You Need To Become A Property Manager

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If you’re a skilled tradesperson or you regularly carry out home repairs, you might be perfectly placed to expand your skills by becoming a property manager. Homeowners, investors, landlords and development companies routinely hire property management firms to keep their buildings safe and secure.

For anyone who’s interested in property repairs and maintenance, it can be an ideal career choice, but how do you go about landing your dream job? To get started, take a look at these three things you need to become a property manager:

1. Get the Relevant Qualifications

Before you can begin working as a property manager, you’ll need to obtain the relevant licensure. This can vary from one state to another, so do check exactly what’s required in your region. In general, however, aspiring property managers simply need to complete a short course in real estate and pass a relevant exam.

However, if you want to offer property maintenance services, rather than full-scale property management, you may be able to avoid having to complete any formal real estate qualifications.


2. Gain Experience

To be successful in any professional role, you need to gain experience and learn what the job entails. Of course, it can be tricky to gain practical experience before you’re working as a property manager. However, you can learn a significant amount by researching the role and connecting with other professionals in the industry.

As a property manager, you’ll undertake a wide variety of roles, including showing properties to prospective tenants, overseeing repair works and hiring contractors to undertake maintenance work. To ensure you can carry out your role successfully, be sure to analyze what’s required in relation to each of your duties. Take a look at this blog post by Richfield Blacktop that helps property managers learn what to look out for when hiring a paving company, for example.


3. Build a Network

When you’re working as a property manager, you’ll need to access services on behalf of property owners on a regular basis. You might be responsible for choosing a cleaning company to undertake weekly domestic cleaning, for example, or you may need to call a plumber and request that they carry out urgent repairs.

If you build a professional network, you’ll have contacts in the industry who you know you can rely on. If you’ve worked with an electrician before, for example, you can be confident that their work is top quality and that they’re reliable and trustworthy.


Launching a Property Management Company

Once you’ve established yourself as a talented property manager, you may decide to launch your own firm. After all, your qualifications, experience and contacts are valuable commodities. As the buy-to-let industry continues to grow, reliable property managers are in high demand, so now could be a great time to capitalize on your skills. Whether you choose to hire staff, partner with other industry professionals or simply increase the number of properties you manage, there are a variety of ways to develop your career.