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Top 7 Things You Shouldn’t Put In The Mixer Grinder 

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mixer grinder

mixer grinder

Mixer grinders are your best companion in the kitchen. The multi-tasking mixers make cooking hassle-free and enjoyable. They are easy to use, compact, reliable, versatile and save a great deal of your time along with delivering an awesome output and helping you experience the joy of cooking to the fullest!

While mixer grinders are quite helpful and convenient, being careless around one can cause problems. Whether you buy a mixer from the store or purchase a mixer grinder online, the user manual remains almost the same. Similarly, there is another thing that goes well for all the mixer grinders and that is a list of things that you must avoid putting into its jars at any cost. Read on to find out more. 

Top 7 Things You Shouldn't Put In Your Mixer Grinder 

Spoons and Utensils

You read it right. Mixers are meant for food items, not utensils. You should be careful and avoid situations that include accidentally dropping spoons, forks and knives inside the mixer jar. Since the edges of utensils or any cutlery are sharp, they can cause serious damage to the blades. 

Hot Beverages

Putting any kind of hot liquid in the mixer jar is extremely dangerous. The hot liquid creates steam and thereby builds a pressure that will lead to the lid of the jar exploding. This situation could be life-threatening if you are standing right next to the mixer grinder. 

Hard Food

Trying to blend hard food items will put excessive pressure on the blades, thereby affecting their longevity. While you should not grind hard food items, you can easily grind them in the semi-frozen state. 

Smelly Food Items

Putting smelly food in your mixer grinder can leave a foul odour. Food items like ginger and garlic leave behind a strong smell that could last over two or three washes and can possibly affect the fragrance of any other food you grind in the jar. 

High Fiber Food

Fiber is essential for your gut health and overall immune system. But preparing a mixture of any high fiber food is a tough job. Vegetables like Broccoli and Cauliflower are difficult to grind and need to be boiled before putting in the mixer. 


This might sound a little bizarre but it's true. Putting bones in your mixer grinder will ruin the quality of the blades by making it dull and even causing them to break. Be it a small bone or large, you should not grind it in the mixer. Your pet might appreciate it but your mixer certainly wouldn't! 


Nuts are not as hard as a lot of other food items. However, they can cause an equal amount of damage to the blender. You should either soak the nuts overnight before blending it or blend smaller portions at a time. 


Choosing The Right Mixer Grinder 

These are the top 7 things that you shouldn't put in your mixer grinder if you want to maintain its longevity. But you can't keep making a list of thing that you shouldn't do. Instead, you should find the best mixer grinder that provides optimal safety and comes with versatility. There are multiple mixer grinders available in the market and choosing the right one might feel difficult. You should consider an affordable mixer grinder that has a good built, excellent motor capacity and the latest technology. Crompton offers the best Indian mixer grinders that are equipped with modern technology and designed as per the buyer's need. The kitchen is where you create art, so while choosing your home appliances, make sure to opt for the best.



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