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6 Tips For Choosing The Best Portable Washing Machines

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portable washing machine

portable washing machine

One of the necessities that every individual has to enjoy is clothing and as a human being, we need to wear clean clothesevery day to look presentable. We are also aware that washing by hand is not easy and time-consuming so it will only give homeowners, especially moms a hard time when taking care of kids as well. Therefore, every household must have the best portable washing machine for usual routines. It is not necessary to use this daily when you are just living alone, but a must to wash clothes every day with big families.

In this case, you need to make sure that you can choose the best portable washing machine based on the capacity and frequency of use. However, these are not the only factors that must be considered because you should also choose something that suits your preferences. You will have a lot of options, anyway. Washing machines are designed with multiple functions or features and each brand comes with a variety of models, sizes, and colors. Manufacturers are even releasing new and more advanced products from time to time, so you will have more options.

The good thing here is the fact that these washing machines are becoming digital, though you can still buy conventional models, especially if you prefer using this rather than the new models. What is more important is for the user to be satisfied in terms of cleanliness. That's why you have to choose the best portable washing machines to achieve customer satisfaction.  We should not be purchasing just because it is very cheap or the price dropped down. We still need to be meticulous on how these machines treat the fabric since we have to take care of our daily clothing.


1. Size

Basically, you have to choose the desired size of the washing machine. This will depend on the number of family members and how frequently you wash your clothes. Let's say that if you are living alone, then you just need a standard size or even a smaller one. However, you need a bigger one when you belong to a big family.

Another consideration is the height and width of the washing machine. A small one measures 14 inches in height, while taller ones are about 24 inches. You should also check the width and make sure that it will fit in the area where you will place it at home.


2. Manual or Electric Operated

It would be great to use a portable washing machine that does not require electricity, especially when you lack power supply in the area. It would be helpful, too, when there is a prolonged power interruption. However, you have to operate this machine manually, using your bare hands. The size is usually small and the capacity is limited to only a few clothes. For cities or areas where there is no problem with the electricity, it would be ideal to use an electrically operated machine.


3. Capacity

It is essential to check on the capacity. This will be determined through the laundry weight that can be washed for every pound. You will notice that the washing machines are usually labeled with weights like 4.0, 5.0 or 5.5 kilos. This means that this is the weight of your dirty clothes that the washing machine can accommodate every cycle. Well, if you have more laundry to wash, then you will need to do this per batch or cycle.


4. Portability

You should consider the portability of the washing machine so that you can carry or move it from one spot or placeto another. This is an advantage, especially when you want to use it closer to where there is water flowing and would like to store it indoors.

In this way, you would feel more convenient about relocating it. This is not just an advantage to homeowners and travelers, but with students as well, especially when they have to leave home and stay in dormitories.


5. Type

We have a single tub type with one compartment only. So it only comes with a washer and this could be dryer as well. While the other type is designed with two tubs or compartments that come witha washer and a dryer. This is basically an old and standard type.


6. Extra Features

Added features would be the last things to consider for ease of use. This includes caster wheels because this will help you move it around, if possible the washer tub must be metal because it is more durable, separate timer for washing and spin-drying, automatic draining of water as well as washing, transparent lid, designed with LED displays, electronic controls, low level of noise motor and water connection to name a few. Not all of these extra features may be present. Anyway, these are for your preferences so it could be optional and not a priority.







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