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How to Use a Rifle Scope for Long Range Shooting

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Tips on long range shooting with rifle

How to Use a Rifle Scope for Long Range Shooting

How to Use a Rifle Scope for Long Range Shooting

Shooting from long range is not the same as when you are shooting from a few yards. You have to know the difference, and that is what will help you make the right shot. Other than knowing the difference, you need to know how to adjust the way you use your rifle scope on long-range shooting.

Some of the questions you should be asking yourself include; how should you adjust your scope? What rifle should you have? Or What night scope you should bring to your hunting trip. You can visit ballachy.com to learn find these answers.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide to things you should do to make an excellent long-range shot using a rifle scope.

Step 1: Get Yourself the Right Rifle

How to shoot

How to shoot

It does not matter whether you are doing a long or short-range shooting; you must have the right rifle for that type of shooting. The secret is understanding which rifle is suitable for the range you are working with.

Selecting an excellent rifle for long-range shooting means knowing the features to look for in a rifle good for such a purpose. The best rifle for long range has to be very stable and as accurate as possible.

You are shooting from a long-range, and there is nothing you want than an accurate shot. The best rifle for long-range shooting usually has the following chamber rings; 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Rem.Mag, 6.5 PRC, 280 Ackley Improved, 300 PRC, and 300 Win. Mag.

Such chamber rings come with aerodynamic calibers, which are good for such a range and the velocity.

Step 2: Choose the Right Rifle Scope

You cannot make any accurate shot with your rifle is you have the wrong scope; however, it doesn’t mean you need an expensive one. A budget rifle scope can be great for long-range shooting.

The scope you are using to shoot a deer few yards away from you is not the same you can use to aim for an object 100 yards away.

When you are looking for a scope, do not rush. Ensure that you take your time to go through all the options and find the best. Some of them are heavier than others. There are those with several adjustment options and are better, while others are few.

Some scopes will come with clear glass than others. The better the level of adjustment a rifle has, the better it is for long-range shooting. You can adjust to the right point of target.

Step 3: Place Your Scope Perfectly

Tips on long range shooting

Tips on long range shooting

Placing your scope on the rifle is not as easy as anyone might think. There is a way you will put your scope on the rifle, and it fails to work, or you end up with errors. The tricky part comes when you have to move it.

The process of moving your scope and making sure it is well-placed on the rifle will either give you good or bad results when doing the long-range shooting.

When doing this, you have to make sure that the vertical crosshair has perfectly aligned itself with the vertical centerline on your rifle.

Always understand that any misses on the alignment will cause serious errors. Although for short ranges, it may not be the case, for a long-range, the error will be so huge that it will cost you a shot, proreviewly can help you select the best scope for your rifle.

Step 4: Find the Right Spot 

Long Range Shooting

Long Range Shooting

Where do you place your rifle? What type of mount are you using? When it comes to long-range shooting, you have to make sure that you minimize external obstacles as much as possible. This can only be done by finding the right spot before shooting.

Factors such as wind will mess with your shooting. Reduced visibility will not also work on your side.

If you have a chance, then try and move to an area where you have the lowest disruptions. In many cases, you do not have enough time to choose ground since your target might be on the move.

The best thing to do is try altering your angle. Make sure that you have the right angle with minimum disruptions.

Step 5: Place Your Rifle Right

The type of mount you use for a small rifle for the short-range shooting is not the same you should use for a heavy, strong rifle for long-range shooting. Ensure that you get a stable mounting place where there will be minimal vibrations on your rifle when shooting.

Remember those small vibrations that you may get when doing short-range shooting will have multiple effects when it comes to long-range shooting. Ensure that your rifle is well placed.

Step 6: Remember to Zero Your Rifle

Zeroing your rifle is a process in which you are supposed to calculate any errors caused by different factors in the environment as you fire to a long-range. The only way to get rid of such issues is by making sure that you can get a good target after compensating.

Some of the issues you will be compensating as you zero your rifle include spindrift, which is yaw caused by the bullet as it rotates towards the target. And since you are doing a long-range shooting, that means that the error will be higher.

You can start with 200 yards. Zero your rifle for 200 yards with 0.75inch left of the center.

Ensure that you continue with the same process until you zero your rifle for the longest distance that you want to shoot.

Step 7: Get a Clear Sight

Rifle scope with camera

Rifle scope with camera

For long-range shooting, getting a clear sight of the target is not easy. Being able to use the scope and gain a clear sight is an important skill. In some cases, you may have to zoom in to the target. When you have problems seeing the target use the scope's tools to zoom.

Step 8: Gain a Comfortable Position

When you are dealing with long-range shooting, it is a must that you find yourself a comfortable position. Ensure that you are standing or lying on solid ground without any vibration.

Always make sure that you leave enough space between your eye and the scope to avoid hitting yourself when firing.

National Rifle Association of America, Inc. (NRA) - Uniform Disclosure Statement


Even after setting everything and preparing very well, it is crucial to understand that the target will not come completely clear on your scope. The scope will keep on zooming in and out of the target. Utilize that small chance to take your shot once the target is clear.





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