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Tips On Preventing A House Fire In The Winter

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fire control firemen

fire control firemen

When the outdoor temperatures drop, we all turn on our heating systems to make our homes as comfortable as possible. After all, nothing beats the pleasure of coming in from a cold, snowy day to a lovely warm home and a cup of hot chocolate, a blazing fire or a warm bath.

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the warm and cozy comforts that your home can provide during harsh Canadian winters, they can also pose an increased risk of fire. If you want to make sure that you’re prepared for fire safety this winter, pay close attention to the following tips:

Use Caution with Candles

While candles help to bring a festive charm to the holiday season, you must always practice caution regarding any open flame in your home – especially during the dry winter season. Keep all burning candles far from any material that can catch fire, and never leave a burning candle unattended.


Leave Electrical Repairs to Certified Electricians

While some types of home improvement are good candidates for DIY jobs, only a fully licenced electrician should do repairs or installation work on your electrical system. If you’re looking for a qualified electrician in Oshawa or anywhere in lower Ontario, there plenty of affordable options are available.

Old wiring and faulty repairs can easily cause a fire to break out in your house during the coldest months when people consume more electricity. If you think that you need repairs to your electrical system or suspect that your home contains older, unsafe wiring, contact an electrician to make an assessment.


Space Heaters

Often, when people notice that one room in their home is poorly insulated or draftier than the other rooms, they will purchase a space heater to compensate. While this solution offers a quick fix and is less expensive than renovations, it introduces a fire hazard into the room.

While space heaters provide an efficient way to add extra heat into a room, they can also get extremely hot, so it is critical to ensure they are never obstructed – especially by anything that can catch flame, like blankets, clothing or curtains. You should also check to ensure that your space heater has been certified by a safety testing organization.


Cooking and Baking Safety

Once the holidays arrive, activity in the kitchen increases as well. Whether or not you have spent a lot of time in the kitchen, this time of increased activity marks an excellent time to take a moment and review kitchen safety.

Pay close attention to the threat of grease fires and how to handle them. Ensure you have a working fire extinguisher and alarms, and never leave your cooking or baking unattended.

When cold weather hits, there’s nothing wrong with turning up the heat to enjoy a comfortable home – as long as you are mindful of fire safety. Take some time to review fire safety at the beginning of each winter season, and contact an electrician for a proper inspection of your wiring to ensure that your home is properly prepared.