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Tips To Creating An Indoor Garden

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vegetable garden

vegetable garden

Having an indoor garden is always a welcome idea if you wish to purify the air in your room, reduce grocery trips, or enjoy the allure of nature in your house. Gardening is a therapeutic hobby that can help relieve stress, reduce fatigue, anxiety, and depression. The beauty of it is that even without an outdoor space to plant flowers and other items, you can still do it inside your home, and here are helpful tips to get you started.

1) Choose Plants You Want To Grow

It is not every plant that will thrive indoors; as such, you have to look for the right ones. You will consider the available space, light source, plants, flowers, herbs, or vegetables, the duration it will take to mature, soil to use, and the amount of water they need. Considering these factors is crucial since they will help you choose the kind of plant to put in your indoor natural garden.

If you wish for a houseplant that is easy to care for, you can read a philodendron care guide to learn the tips. You will learn the correct way to water the plant as under-watering or overwatering are both damaging. The red emerald also does not like direct sunlight as it will damage the leaves and dry the soil fast.


2) Right Space

For your gardening to be a success, you need suitable space for your plants. You may have plenty of space, but the area does not receive enough sunlight or have the right temperature to allow for growth. As you choose your space, consider the amount of temperature and sunlight in it.


3) Hydroponic System

With a hydroponic system of gardening, you will not need any soil to plant your herbs or vegetables. The system has its advantages as the plants grow bigger and faster than in the soil. The plants also occupy less space and can even grow vertically.

You can grow your plants pesticide-free since the soil tends to be a breeding ground for plant parasites. What you need to be observant with is the temperature of the water to ensure it is ideal to avoid rotting the roots or growth of pathogens.


4) Water

Plants in an indoor garden are more likely at risk of getting damaged due to overwatering. Watering every day may not be the best solution for your vegetables, and you may have to do it less often to ensure they receive the right amount of water. Under-watering can also be a problem because the houseplants will not be receiving enough water.

You can use a finger to test if the soil is dry or moist. If dry, you can water it, and if it is still wet, it can wait till later. Also, the kind of plants you are growing can determine how many times you water them, as some love water while others will love a bit of dry soil.


5) Soil

Soil is essential when planting your vegetables and herbs as it can impact their taste. Therefore, the choice of soil you opt for should be ideal for them. The use of liquid fertilizer can help enrich the soil and make it of high quality for your plants.

For excellent growth of the plants, go for potting mixes as they have the right measure of compost, coir, and peat to enhance proper drainage and hold moisture.







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