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6 Tips To Help You Hire Efficient Security Guard Service

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If you are looking for security guard services for the first time, you might not understand what to look for or, chances are that you might be convinced by the deals quickly. As they will look glossy and admirable, but in real-time incidents, they will prove to be a big no.

Here is the answer to some central questions regarding the best security guard services. Keep reading, to know how you can choose the right security armed security guard services for your safety.

Understand Their Licensing & Accreditation Status.

In the case of intervention, a guard may need to detain someone forcefully. In the act, the guard and property might get harmed; therefore, your security provider must have valid and proper insurance to cover the occurrence. Without an insurance cover, you will be liable for the whole incident.

To ensure that the service provider is certified by national or international agencies. Also, inspect if they have won tags in the industry. Unlicensed guards can be inexpensive and inexperienced; they don't have the necessary training and background check to avail themselves of a license.

Licensing requirement changes as per the location. If you are looking to cover multiple locations, it's essential to ensure that they have valid licenses for operating at various locations across different states.


Watch Out For Their Experience.

There are many quora queries regarding, ‘if experience matters in security services?‘ To be precise, yes, guards must-have basic and unique skill sets and experience that make them suited for any situation and environment. Many security guards started with industries and then moved out to different segments. However, the majority of them prefer working for the same company and client.

A security service experienced in the pub and bar segment will only hire bouncer or nightclub security. Their basic skill set and training will be different. Similarly, an industry security guard will offer additional security services than a warehouse distribution center.

Before choosing the one, make sure you go through an extensive background evaluation? See if they have similar business clients as you, whether the size or type of industry must be similar.


Note the response rate.

At the initial stages, systematic responses help you get insights into the difficulties you have to face in the future. Response rate and response quality matter the most as whatever you are dealing with on the security front are tackled by them. Always question yourself before narrowing down a conclusion.

  • Is the company responding to you promptly?
  • Has the process been easy, or communicating with them seem tough lately?
  • All the information given by the service provider is valid, complete, and transparent.
  • Ask their past clients, about the response rate and how well they handle their client safety.

If you are a warehouse chain owner and need security for your stores, check if the security guards are proven effective in loss prevention to any retail operations.


Analyze The Processes

A security guard service following old-school practice will be of no use in today's market. With so many security updates, an advanced level security provider is what you need for your safety.

Ask the service provider what kind of technology they use and also analyze if the guards are accustomed to the technology. You need to find out their specialization aspects to make an informed decision.

Real-time reporting is one of the most offered services nowadays. This technology enables you to track the security guards’ location and notifies the guard in the case of an emergency. This helps in tackling a security issue efficiently; it makes sure that the necessary steps are taken as soon as possible.


Do They Have Sufficient Backup To Support Surge?

One of the best things about hiring a security guard service is having a healthy response onsite. Access control and CCTV only help monitor and send alerts, but they don't make someone appear on the site, prevent the incident and take necessary steps.  What you exactly need is a 24-hour support team with professionals having a good grasp of supervision to provide safety.

To clear this point, let's continue with the warehouse illustration. Imagine someone breaking into your warehouse at 2 a.m. The guards need to take the necessary step to prevent the theft trial, inform you and the law enforcement.  As well as guard the weaker parts of your warehouse and see if anything is missing. To add value, security guard services must provide patrol officers or backup assistance when in an emergency.

It is just one-way for service providers to outperform; they need to employ a good ratio of guards per supervisor. 10-15 guards per supervisor is the best combination. 


What Is Their Pricing Range?

Do not get convinced by lower prices as there can be some overhead costs attached. If a Ranger Security Guard and Investigation service offer a much lower rate, it's a red signal. Low prices can lead to the following issues.


Poorly paid guards

Companies always offer lower prices when they pay less to the guards. In this case, the guard's loyalty to the company will be shallow, making your premise insecure and vulnerable.


Hidden charges 

Reading between the lines is what you need here. A significantly lower price can be alluring at times but can cost you double for overtime, patrol officers, and supervisors when needed. In the case of a security breach, you have to pay for the whole incident and be very pricey.


Which One Is Best For You?

If you are looking for security providers for your business, make sure you choose the one with advanced technology for accounting, monitoring, and patrol activity.

Is your warehouse security concerning you, don't worry, we got your back.

Ranger guard and Investigation is what you need for your business security. They provide 24*7 backup assistance against terrorists, robberies, forceful interventions, and more. This service provider hires US military veterans who have served the country and combat many life-threatening conditions.



With the myriad of options, it's pretty challenging to choose one by comparing and finding the best one. Employing the wrong choice can leave your business, client, home, or locality exposed to vulnerabilities.



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