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Welcome Home: 4 Fab Tips To Keep Your Home Guest-Ready Always!

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cleaning services

We all have that one moment where we simply can’t take the mess around our houses. It’s mostly a 2 AM thing. Many do end up getting rid of the garbage, tidying up their bed, and keeping everything in order.  However, the truth of the matter that it only takes a few days (or maybe even hours!) before it’s back to being a mess. 

You don’t always want to quickly hide things inside random drawers when you get a call from someone that they are visiting. Or even worse, surprise visits by such guests. A messy house is always unappealing. 

Besides tarnishing your image, a cluttered house also affects the mind, health, and can make you sick. It can also affect your relationship, creativity, and hampers your productivity. It is thus always recommended to keep your houses clean and keep everything in place. 

Keeping the house clean does not mean developing a serious Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It merely means becoming proactive and keeping things in place, keeping the house clean, and making space for only those items that actually matter. 

Here are a few tips that you can use to always keep your house mess-free and guest-ready. 

Stock up your cleaning supplies 

When you have all the cleaning supplies with you, you will not go around looking for excuses to not clean your house. 

Thus, make sure you always have enough stock of these supplies. These could include rubber gloves, antibacterial wipes, steel wipes, cleaning cloth, scrub sponges, and more. Basically, the tools that will help you with basic and deep cleaning both. 

You can also fix a date to order your cleaning supplies online. This way, you will be sure that you never run out of such supplies. 

Declutter your house

We live in the world of materialism. We often get too attached to the things that we buy that it is impossible to even think about throwing them away. That sweatshirt is always too comfortable to pass on, that jeans will always have a chance to fit, and that wristwatch which we wish to get repaired one day.

Let’s face it. These things will simply be kept at the back of our cupboards, taking up extra space and fulfilling no purpose. 

Moreover, we keep on buying new things only to eventually leave them out because ‘there’s hardly any space in the wardrobe’. 

Consider donating these additional items and making space. It will make you feel liberated and make space in your cupboards to store things that actually matter. 

Set a cleaning schedule

Like every other task in your life, setting a schedule for cleaning can also do wonders for you. A schedule does not mean keeping the house messy till the dedicated time or day. It is merely a protocol to make sure all your things are stored in order. 

You can set a routine spread across a week in a manner that you don’t end up collecting too much dirt or laundry in your houses. 

You can even combine two tasks. Maybe vacuum and do laundry on the same day.

Start with a no-shoes-inside policy 

Dirty shoes are one of the major reasons for bringing mud and soil inside your houses, making your floors sandy. 

Dirt on the floor can cause irritation and also look extremely unappealing. Make sure that you yourself follow a no-shoe-policy inside your house and also make others follow the same.

It’s true that walking around the floors without carpets can be a little uncomfortable, especially during the winter season. To solve that, you can purchase separate house slippers. Make it a rule that these slippers will only be worn inside and never leave your premises. 



Keeping your house neat and tidy is a lifestyle. It is not something that you can get used to overnight. But it is important to start today. Check your stock, bring your missing supplies, go wash those clothes, do the dishes, clean your floors, and simply make a routine. Try to make it your habit and trust us, it’ll boost both your mental and physical health. 







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