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5 Tips To Make A Great Corporate Video

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Corporate videos have a reputation for being dry, but that’s the exact opposite of what you want yours to be. To help make your corporate video the best it can be, we’ve provided these tips. If you’re looking for a production company in Melbourne, these are some important things to discuss with them.

1. Clearly define your purpose.

Not every corporate video has the same goals, and should be approached differently accordingly. Product tutorials, marketing campaign kick-off videos, and a 20th anniversary company celebration video are all technically corporate videos, but they all have very different objectives and should have different approaches. Start by clearly stating why you’re making this video in particular. Make sure everyone working on it is on the same page.


2. Find the story that embodies the video’s purpose.

Every video should tell a story. That makes it easy for viewers to jump in and want to keep watching. If you’re making a product tutorial, add a human touch by appealing to the reality of the problem your product solves. If you’re making a video showing your company’s progress over the past quarter to display to your Board of Directors, think about the story you want to tell them about the past quarter. This is a great opportunity to talk to your employees about their experiences, or even to get them involved in participating in the video.


3. Focus on how the video will benefit your audience.

Corporate videos don’t have to be dry, but they often are. Instead of simply listing information, think about how the information presented in the video will benefit your audience. Look for ways to present that information in ways that will entice them. Make it easy for your audience to watch your video all the way through.


4. Don’t discount the importance of production value.

Not every video has to be a work of art. But you should still aim to produce a video that’s pleasing to the eye and easy to watch. Hiring a professional production company can go a long way in making your video the best it can be.


5. Make sure the right people will see your finished product.

After you finish your video, you might be so proud of your hard work that you neglect to think about how you’ll make sure people actually see it. Just posting it on your company’s YouTube channel or website may not be enough. You’ll likely want to consider posting it on social media. Keep in mind that users interact with video differently on different social media platforms. Investigate whether your video is more likely to gain traction and get views on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or another social media site.

Also consider sharing your video with stakeholders. Depending on the content, it might be suitable to show during a Board meeting, or an All Hands meeting. You might think it’s pointless to show your own employees your corporate video, but it’s good for company morale to show employees media that shows your company in a good light.

Corporate videos can be a challenge to execute well. But when done properly and effectively, they can yield real results for your company. Keep your eyes on the prize.



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