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7 Massage Chair Self Repair Tips To Save Time And Money

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DIY Massage Chair Self Repair Tips

Massage Chair Self Repair Tips

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Massage Chair Self Repair Tips provide exceptional comfort to consumers, especially during this 21st century when life is restless, hectic and while everyone is working long hours.

Anyone who may want a relaxing and professional massage now does not require a massage therapist visit.

Instead, you can now purchase your own massage chair and enjoy the comfort and benefits right from your home.

Massage chairs arrive in different types and forms ranging from full-body massage chairs, zero gravity chairs with some comes with premium luxury features such as side door entrance, oil diffuser options, etc.

There are different types of chairs and brands you can choose from, including Zero Gravity massage chairs, reclining massage chairs, mechanical chairs. Top brand manufacturers are more reliable than some ff brand models.

Top brands include:: Titan Osaki, Luraco, Infinity, Inada. As explained in Robin Hamilton’s guide written on Wellness Wires website: “Titan is one of the leading distributors of massage chairs, Titan LLC boasts with high-quality products that are delivered to their customers”. The same goes for top brands in the industry due to their impeccable quality control.

Similar to any other manufactured goods, Massage Chair Self Repair Tips are prone to some problems that you may need to address while owning a chair.

Eventually, you should not be in despair as there are simple tips & tricks that you can use and get back your massage chair in perfect condition. Depending on the exact problem, there are some ways to repair it yourself as long as you follow basic instructions accurately.

Check the power Of Massage Chair Self Repair Tips on remote cords

Before you use your massage chair, ensure that the power cord is securely plugged in an electrical socket. If it is not working properly, check the power socket or the remote cord if it has any problem.

Make sure those plungings are placed at the right place and the cords are matched well to avoid short-circuiting. In addition, it is always advisable to put on the power when the remote cord plugging has been already connected to the socket.


Check the power switch of your chair

This procedure should be done on a daily basis to check if it’s working. Before plugging in your massage chair remote cords, plug in something else that uses the power to check if it is working.

Apparently, you may use another outlet to check if your chair will regain power.


Check for a blown fuse

You can check if there is a blown fuse by turning on the power button of your chair. If there is no power produced, then it’s a clear indication of a problem either being in the fuse. You can easily know if there is a burned fuse due to the bad smell it produces.

If there is a blown fuse, you can use a screwdriver to open the plugging and replace it with a new fuse of the same kind.


Check for power

After replacing the fuse, plug in the Massage Chair Self Repair Tips to check if there is power. If there is no power you can replace the PCB assembly.

Basically, there are some instructions to follow when replacing the PCB box depending on the kind of massage chair. You may contact your manufacturer and get the proper guidelines.


Check the controller for flashing lights

When the massage process suddenly stops working check the controller. The massage heads may have interlocked forcibly. You can use the remote to restart the massage after unlocking the heads.

Furthermore, you should monitor the massage heads when changing from kneading massage to a rolling massage. When you see the heads appearing at the narrow end, then it is a clear indication that the chair has completed its shift. You should adjust your position properly for the massage to cover all parts of your body.


Check the condition of the upholstery

Different massage chairs are made from different upholstery materials. With those chairs that are made of thin upholstery, they can survive for a short period of time before they get to wear and tear.

When such a problem happens, you can contact your manufacturer to fix it for you especially if it is still under warranty.

These are simple tips that do not require a professional, as you can easily do it for yourself. The only thing you need here is buying a massage chair with leather upholstery. It will give the best massage ever and enjoy its comfort at any given time.







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