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6 Tools That Every DIY Enthusiast Should Own

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Various carpentry, repairing, DIY tools on wooden background

Various carpentry, repairing, DIY tools on wooden background

If you are a DIY lover, you are more than likely aware that you should have a well-equipped toolbox to get the job done. But what are the perfect tools for a DIY enthusiast? Well, the answer to this question will vary depending on who you ask. That’s in consideration that DIY projects can be of different types and sizes, and in such cases, therefore, the tools required to complete such projects will vary.

However, there some tools are a must-have for every DIY enthusiast, regardless of the kind or size of their project. Here are six of those tools:


Whether you need to whack something or get a nail out of wood or a different surface, it’s obvious that you’ll need a hammer. Hammers are not only the most essential tool in a DIY lover’s toolbox but also the most versatile. They are available in different options that range from common claw hammers to demolition hammers. You can even opt to buy either an electric or manual hammer.


Utility knife

Whether you want to cut or mark things, a utility knife is a perfect tool for this, especially when you have one that is strong and sharp enough. Utility knives are not only designed to be useful, but also safe.

In truth, utility knives are safer than most of the blades out there, since they employ mechanisms such as sliding or folding to keep you from cutting yourself. You can even buy a utility knife that is a multi-tool with different kinds of blades or other essential tools.

Reciprocating saw

If you love taking on wood projects, a reciprocating saw should come in handy especially if you want to remove studs and joists. Also referred to by quite a number of people as a Sawzall, a reciprocating saw is also useful when working with pallet wood. You can choose from either a corded or cordless Sawzall, depending on the kinds of projects that you work on most.



One fascinating fact about drills is that there are so many types of drills on the market. You can even get a special type known as a Special Direct System (SDS) drill, that is able to effortlessly make a hole through tough material such as thick metal or concrete. There are other drills that are also handy at hammering, screw driving, chiseling, and of course, drilling.


Oscillating tool

If you are the more experienced DIYer and have worked with an oscillating tool before, you probably know that it’s one of the most versatile pieces in a toolbox. Useful for cutting, sanding, drilling, grinding, and scraping, an oscillating tool is the kind of tool that every seriously experienced DIYer should have for versatility and convenience.

The only thing that you must do whenever you have to use an oscillating tool is to ensure that you have the right attachment, and you’re good to go. Just like drills, oscillating tools are also available in corded and cordless designs.


Power sander

Even though hand sanding seems to be the best option as far as a smooth finish when sanding is concerned, power sanders will give either the same or even better results for your sanding projects. Orbital sanders are, especially known to give a super fine finish to DIY projects, in addition to being versatile.

 To get the best results, however, you have to select your sandpaper wisely. When buying a power sander, be sure to get one that is comfortable enough taking into consideration that you may have to use the tool for long hours. Also ensure that you have the right disk size for your project, for effectiveness.

 If you are a DIYer, you are now more familiar with the main tools that you should not miss in your toolbox. Of course, the perfect tools for your projects will vary depending on the kind of project that you wish to undertake, as well as other factors like your level of expertise.

 All in all, the six tools discussed above are perfect for different kinds of projects as well as various degrees of expertise. When it’s time to make a purchase, be sure to take your time when selecting your DIY tools, to ensure that you’re getting the best quality for satisfactory results.







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