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Top Reasons You Need Annual AC Maintenance

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Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

In most parts of Australia, an air conditioning unit or system isn’t considered a luxury, it is essential during the hot summer months. Air conditioning allows you t appreciate the heat of the sun and enjoy the summer months. But, at the same time, it gives you a respite when you need it, and helps keep your home cool enough to sleep properly at night.

When you have air conditioning it is essential to have the contact details for a reputable air conditioning repair firm. They can deal with any issues you have throughout the year and handle the annual maintenance for you.

If you are wondering, there are several great reasons why you should have your air conditioning serviced at least once a year.


The most obvious reason to have your air conditioning serviced is to ensure its reliability. Of course, it is impossible to guarantee an air conditioning unit will work when you need it to. But, if it is serviced this is more likely to be the case.

An annual service, preferably by the same firm each year, will check the operation and condition of all the key components inside the unit. That means the compressor, coolant, ducting, and the motors. A thorough inspection, greasing, and cleaning will help to ensure it runs smoothly instead of breaking down when you need it the most.

The technician will spot any issues or anything that is likely to be an issue in the near future, and then tell you about them, allowing you to decide whether to repair them or simply monitor them for now.

Looking after your air conditioner will help to ensure it is working when you really need it to.


Running Cost Savings

Your air conditioner costs you money when it is running. In fact, for many Australians, the running costs of an air conditioning system are higher than the heating system.

If you need air conditioning, you can’t eliminate the cost completely. But, you can reduce the cost. Annual maintenance means that the parts are clean and working at peak efficiency, this has a direct effect on the unit’s ability to produce cold air.

The more difficult it is to produce cold air the harder the unit will need to work. This will increase the strain on all the parts, shortening their lifespan. It will also increase the temperature inside the unit, making it even less effective and increasing the risk of an electrical fire.

Of course, as well as using more energy to produce cold air, because the air is not as cold as it could be, the unit will need to stay on for longer to get your room to the right temperature.

That is costing you money on all fronts and the costs can be reduced simply by having an annual service done.


Air Quality

For air conditioning to work properly you need to close the doors and windows to your home and let the air conditioning do its job. At the same time as cooling the air entering your house, it will also filter the air. Different air conditioners have different filters, some simply remove the largest particles, others remove all allergens from the air.

Neither will work efficiently without maintenance as the filters will get clogged. This reduces airflow to the space and prevents the unit from cleaning the air properly.

In short, regular maintenance can help to ensure your air is allergen-free, making it a more pleasant environment to live in. All you have to do is get the engineer to service your system. It costs surprisingly little and you don’t need to do anything.


Speed Of Response

You may not have thought about it but, if your air conditioning packs up on a hot day you are going to want your service technician to get there as fast as possible. Unfortunately, you will probably be in the same boat as lots of other people.

The technician will need to make a decision. Are they going to the new customer or the one that has been using them for annual servicing every year? IF you have your maintenance done and then call them for an emergency, you are likely to get priority service simply because you are an existing customer.

That’s worth thinking about when you pre-book your next service.

Of course, the booking part is also easy. You can book your next service when they complete the current one, ensuring you don’t forget to book it. They will remind you just before to ensure everything is okay. That is a stress-free service!



Over half of house fires are started by faulty electrics. It is one of the main reasons that you should have an electrical inspection carried out every year. While an electrician can check your wiring and circuits, they won’t check individual appliances, especially not the air conditioning unit.

Your technician will and in the progress will ensure that everything is working properly. This reduces the likelihood of electric shocks or an electrical issue starting a house fire. It is hard to put a price on that.


What They Do

You know the air conditioning technician will check your AC unit. However, it is useful to know exactly what they will be checking in their annual maintenance visit.

  • Safety of unit
  • Cleaning all parts and lubricating them – especially condenser line and fans
  • Replacement of all filter
  • Topping up, or replacing if necessary, the refrigerant
  • Calibrating to ensure it is working properly


Final Thoughts

There should be little doubt that annual air conditioning maintenance is beneficial to your wallet and to your comfort in your own home.  If you haven’t had it done recently then now is the time to book your maintenance.

It is usually best to do it in the autumn, in preparedness for the next time you need it. But, there is never really a bad time to service your air conditioning unit and add value to your home.



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