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The Top Supplies Needed For An Above Ground Pool

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Top Supplies Needed For An Above Ground Pool

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Top Supplies Needed For An Above Ground Pool? Taking care of a pool ensures that it serves its purpose for long. You also save on maintenance costs. Opt for the Best Above Ground Pool Pad and other top supplies so that you can easily maintain the pool in good condition. Whether you want to set up an above ground pool, or you have an existing pool, these top supplies will make your maintenance process easier. Reviewing the essential supplies for your pool first before going to the pool store will help you to save money and get access to the best top supplies which will enable you to maintain the pool like a pro.

Here are the top supplies needed for an above ground pool.

Top Supplies Needed For An Above Ground Pool Steps

1. Test strips.

You should track the chlorine, total hardness, and PH levels of the pool regularly. Other aspects you should test include cyanuric acid levels and total alkalinity. Doing so helps to prevent conditions that encourage bacteria and algae growth. A water test strip can help you to know the levels of the above factors hence you can take measures to ensure that they are at optimal levels all the time. By regularly testing the water, you will know when to add chlorine or take other measures depending on the levels of the above factors. It is a good idea to have some test strips at all times. It is also good to take some water samples to the nearby pool store for professional testing at least once a month.


2. Pool pad.

Investing in a good pool pad will help in reducing pool maintenance costs. Opt for one that is mold and mildew free. Another purpose for the pool pad is to prevent punctures on the pool liners which results in additional pool maintenance costs. Whether you are looking for an easy to install and maintain a pool pad, one that prevents leakages, or one made of eco-friendly material, you can easily get one. Other benefits of choosing a high-quality pool pad include cushioning the feet on the ground and providing enjoyable flooring for the pool users. Though most people consider the price and materials used to make it, remember to also watch out for toughness and durability when selecting a pool pad.


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3. Cleaning accessories.

You should get an algae brush and a special vacuum for your pool. Having some pool shock can help prevent bacteria growth. Opt for calcium hypochlorite. It is best for mold and bacteria growth prevention. For algae brush, choose one depending on the material used on the surface. For granite and stainless steel, opt for stainless steel bristles but vinyl surfaces, you may use the one made of nylon bristles. A manual pool vacuum cleaner is effective for cleaning hard to reach places and removing debris. Other cleaning accessories include the filter cleaner, surface cleaner, and disinfectants to ensure your pool is always clean.


4. Pool cover

For the winter season when the pool is not in use, it is good to use pool covers or pool enclosures for your pool to cover it up so that it does not get damaged by the harsh weather elements. That way, you can prevent leaves and other forms of dirt from covering the pool’s surface. 

With these essential pool supplies, you will maintain the above ground pool in good condition for long. Click here to view the best pool supplies online.







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