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Top 10 Trendy Paint Colors You Can Consider In Your Homes

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art painting for home walls

art painting for home walls

One smart way to update the interior style and appearance of your home is to paint the walls a new color. In fact, you can do this whether you're on a budget or not. For instance, you can go from a bold red to a salmon peach to make a living room more exciting. These trendy paint colors might be exactly what you need to spruce up your house.

Salmon Peach, Benjamin Moore

Truly a unique hue, salmon peach can be paired with pops of green. For instance, try hanging up green curtains and placing a painting with the same green color in it on the wall. When done right, this palette can be as beautiful and as rare as a piece of classic art.


Lavender Mist, Benjamin Moore

While lavender is often underestimated, it can be a powerful color. Try lavender mist in an entryway, library or somewhere else. You can even add floral paintings to the wall, a black and white checked floor, a glittering chandelier and a patterned lavender footstool to match lavender's striking intensity.


Cavernous, Dunn Edwards

The crisp white of cavernous can be paired with darker paints to create a dazzling contrast. For one, try painting the cabinets a dark hue such as black and the walls white. You can also pair cavernous with warmer neutrals.


Compatible Cream, Sherwin-Williams

People who don't want a sunny shade of yellow might want to consider compatible cream. This color is highly flexible if you enjoy decorating and can be very inviting. Plus, the warmth it supplies to a room can be more peaceful than bright yellow shades.


Palladian Blue, Benjamin Moore

Using Palladian blue can be a good idea if you'd like to add tranquility to a bedroom. Almost any room in the house can benefit from this shade that cools a sunny room. Not only is Palladian blue livable, but it looks great in a well-designed bathroom. It can make a large bathtub and window look larger than ever.


Snowbound, Sherwin-Williams

If you love frolicking in the snow, drinking hot cocoa and sitting in front of a warm fireplace during winter, snowbound might be the perfect choice for you. Indeed, try adding a large green plant or two and keep cabinets, walls, ceilings and trim the same shade of white. Of course, if you don't feel like doing it yourself, Painting contractors Brisbane can help you achieve the look you've always dreamed of having.


Century Darjeeling, Benjamin Moore

The dark hue of century darjeeling can impact the viewer in the best way. Hanging the right artwork and adding a lamp with a gold shade can be the perfect bedroom scene for century darjeeling. Place books atop a small bedside table to create an intellectual look.


Aegean Teal, Benjamin Moore

Many people believe you can't go wrong by painting cabinetry, a library, office or bedroom teal. Teal might even remind you of sparkling waters and bright days outdoors in foreign countries. Who knew a color could be serene and magnificent at the same time?


Classic Gray, Benjamin Moore

Classic gray provides a soft backdrop to artwork and other design elements, especially in a kitchen or other room. Furthermore, it doesn't distract the eye from bright furniture colors and creates a nice warmth. Classic gray can even look fabulous with vintage-style decor.


Decorator's White, Benjamin Moore

With brilliant undertones of pure white, decorator's white can be extraordinary in a bathroom to make it look cleaner. Alternatively, paint the ceilings this color to brighten them up. After this, get to decorating or hire an interior decorator to make the room fantastic. You can hang patterned bluish-green curtains and set pillows of yellow and green hues on the sofas. Have fun with artwork, lamps and other matching decorative objects.

If you don't particularly want to narrow down your paint color choices on your own, you can educate yourself by reading blogs and looking through home decor magazines. Choosing colors that fit your unique style and preferences can make painting fun. Noticing the subtle differences between shades can change your mind on which final color to use. You can even ask a friend or family member to help you with your project.



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