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4 Types Of Tube Bending Machines

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Tube or pipe bending is a crucial job in the building and construction industry. Every home is usually composed of numerous pipes which are used for the running of plumbing and heating systems. The problem with this kind of building materials is that they don’t come ready-made. This means that bending them to fit certain angles can be very challenging.

Pipe and tube bending machines are used in a wide variety of applications where it is necessary to bend a range of materials. Tube bending machines and pipe benders come in different styles, sizes, features, and prices. They have different uses in various industries. Adaptability and ease of use is key when choosing a tube bender Roguefab for your business.

Press bender

Press benders are very easy to use and require minimal skill. Press benders can create any compound radius curve that doesn’t exceed the height of the die above the tube surface. Since most presses are hydraulically operated, press bending is a very low-cost operation compared to 5C style mandrel bending. Most manufactures have standard dies with the most common radii, but they can be made to order. Check out the best Pipe & Tube Benders at Asset Plant & Machinery.


Rotary draw bender

A rotary draw bender is a form of bending tool that shapes sheet metal by making precise radius bends. The bender uses a rotary arm that can bend the material using a constant center radius, meaning the sheet metal width doesn’t change. For this reason, it is often used in automotive and motorcycle applications where precision is required. It can also be used in custom manufacturing when a consistent radius must be created.

If you are more concerned with the quality above quantity, a rotary draw bender is your best choice. It is able to produce very precise bends every time it is used. As the name suggests, a rotary machine uses a rotating tool to bend the metal tubing. The radius of curvature is always constant on a rotary draw bender.


Heat-induction (method)

While not a type of bender, heat induction is often paired with an external tube bender machine. The heat induction tube bending machines are another option for a more traditional rounded corner bend. However, storing the large pieces of metal that this machine requires makes it difficult to move around and set up for everyday use.

Heat is used to cause expansion or contraction of the tube materials and allow for large bends. The heat can be applied either internally or externally.


Roll benders

The roll bender, also known as the gradual curve forming machine or the rolling mill, is a bending machine that consists of a set of rollers capable of edging and then rolling a tube to create a gradual bend in it. The machine uses a combination of rotation and pressure by way of bending rolls aligned in tandem against the axis upon which the rollers are positioned. This rolling and rolling action gradually tightens the bend in the pipe over a series of passes. The resulting radius is smaller than that achieved by using a combination pipe bender and roller machine.







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