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Is There A Right Way Or Wrong Way To Use A Swamp Cooler?

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How To Use A Swamp Cooler

Use A Swamp Cooler


Use A Swamp Cooler work by blowing water vapors into the air to eliminate dry heat and moisten or condition the air. These evaporative cooling units can be quite effective at relieving a space of dry stuffy heat and dispensing moisture into the air to create more comfortable conditions atmospherically and physically. However, it should be noted that there is an effective way to use these economical space coolers, just as there are ineffective ways to use them. Some climates are simply not well suited for evaporative coolers because they are too humid. However, climates that experience intense dry heat can be well served by these coolers.

What is a Swamp Cooler? How To Use A Swamp Cooler?

We should first approach the question regarding the use of evaporative coolers by defining what they are. Evaporative coolers reduce the heat in a room or cool a room through the evaporation of water. Imagine water molecules being released into a dry hot room and within a short period absorbing a significant amount of heat. This happens when liquid water is transformed into water vapor, diminishing the temperature in a room as the water evaporates. This process can significantly lower the temperature in a room without consuming a lot of energy.


Is There a Right Way or Wrong Way to Use One?

The short answer to this question is yes. There is a right and wrong way to use a swamp cooler. However, part of using a swamp cooler correctly is knowing what type of unit would be best for you. You can choose between a window, roof, or ground-mounted evaporative cooler. A roof-mounted unit is hard to install although they are efficient. A ground-mounted unit is easy to service and you won't have to worry about it leaking through the roof. The type of unit you choose should depend on how you plan to use it as well as other important factors. If you are trying to cool one or two rooms, a window unit is your best bet. However, a roof or ground-mounted unit will have the capacity to cool an entire house or building.


Determine the Necessary Air Changes

Regardless of what you are looking for, you need to choose a unit that will create twenty to forty air changes per hour. Think of an air change as the amount of blowing force it would take to circulate the air in your home once. You must determine the cubic feet per minute or CFM to determine this. You need to purchase an evaporative unit with a CFM of at least thirty. The formula to determine CFM is fairly easy. Simply multiply the total square footage of space to by the height of the interior ceiling. This will give you the volume of your home or building. You will then divide this number by two to determine the CFM. This will tell you how many cubic feet per minute it will take to get thirty air changes per hour. You will need to choose a swamp cooler that will give you 1000 cubic feet per minute per ton.

However, it should be noted that if you are replacing a conventional air conditioner you will need to choose a swamp cooler that has a slightly lower CFM. Conventional AC air ducts aren't quite large enough to accommodate airflow from a swamp cooler. An AC ton is a unit of measure that describes the amount of BTU of heat that can be removed from a room or building per hour. You may also want to consider using a filter, particularly if you have allergies because swamp coolers pull air from outside.


How Can I Optimize My Swamp Cooler?

To use your evaporative cooler effectively, you must use your cooler when the dew point is fifty-five degrees or lower. These effective coolers work best when the humidity is relatively low. The dew point refers to the point in time when water is both evaporating and condensing simultaneously.

In other words, the lower the humidity, the cooler you can get the temperature in the room, house, or building. A swamp cooler will allow you to lower the temperature in a space twenty degrees above the dew point. You will also need to allow air to flow out at the same time that air is flowing in to use a swamp cooler properly and effectively. This helps to create airflow and keeps the humidity from rising too high, which would defeat the purpose of a swamp cooler.

To achieve just enough airflow, you will need to have a window open one to two feet per 1000 CFM or you'll need to install ventilation grills in the attic. Keep in mind that if your space becomes too humid, your window is probably open too wide. Conversely, the windows should be closed in any areas that you don't want to cool. Closing windows in areas you don't want to cool will help the cool air to flow to the areas you are trying to cool. You can also use the vent only option on an evaporative cooler if it's not real hot outside. This option will allow you to use your swamp cooler like a fan.


Highest Quality Evaporative Cooling Throughout the United States

Evaporative coolers, whether an industrial, residential, or commercial swamp cooler, can be effective cooling devices in dry hot climates. However, they require some thought and practical information to use them effectively as well as properly. You need to determine how, or rather, where, you want to use a swamp cooler and how much space you want to cool. If you are trying to cool a small space, a window unit is a convenient and easy to install option.

However, you can also choose between a ground or roof-mounted swamp cooler. Preference should be a part of the decision making process. A roof-mounted option is quite efficient but more difficult to install. They also run the risk of leaking on your roof. A ground-mounted unit is easy to service and takes away the possibility of a roof leak. Choose the option that suits both your preferences and your cooling needs. You will need to choose a unit that will give you a CFM of thirty and you will need to determine the CFM using the square footage of your space divided by the height of the space. This will give you the volume of your space. Take this number and divide it by two to determine the CFM. A few simple steps are all you need to put you closer to choosing a swamp cooler that you can use properly and that will effectively cool your space.







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