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Useful Tips For A Small Bathroom

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Planning the design of a small bathroom, it is important to consider every detail. That the furniture is functional, the plumbing is convenient, unnecessary details do not take up space, and cleaning does not take all day and you can spend some time on horse betting. So, what is the first thing that will help to cope with these tasks? These easy tips will help make your small bathroom better.

Finishes Without Texture

In order not to burden yourself with exhausting cleaning, choose a tile or porcelain tile with a smooth surface, without textures and bulges. And preferably not a dark color. 

Tiles with a natural marble or granite, wood pattern will save you from manipulations with rags, brushes and detergents.


Smooth Fronts

Continuing the first point. The more laconic the furniture, the easier it is to care for. Thus, the absence of decorative design, open shelves, handles on doors and drawers will save the small bathroom room from unnecessary visual noise.

And you should keep one thing in mind. On light glossy surfaces, dirt is much less noticeable than on matte ones.


Under-sink Drawers

When choosing a cabinet under the sink, pay attention to hanging models with drawers. They are convenient and functional. 

The absence of legs will facilitate cleaning, and special U-shaped drawers will not rest against the communications. You can literally use every cubic centimeter of space. 


Suspended Ware

All models of wall-hung toilets are more compact than floor toilets - with them you will save some space in a small room. And the entire drainage structure is hidden behind the finish - the absence of pipes and a large cistern will give the bathroom a neat look.

And, what to say, cleaning in the bathroom with a hanging toilet is easier and faster. Less dust accumulates under it and there are no hard-to-reach places. 


Anti-dirt Coatings

Typical small bathrooms have a particularly high concentration of steam and dust, so you have to clean more often. To make everyday life easier, manufacturers of sanitary ware have begun coating sinks, toilets and even shower enclosure glass with a transparent hydrophobic coating that prevents dirt from accumulating on the surfaces. 

It's worth the expense: a damp cloth will wipe off the sanitary ware after treatment with this compound. As a result, it will be clean.


Good Lighting

Bathroom is supposed to have at least two lighting scenarios. These are a general ceiling light and a mirror light. In a comfortable bathroom, there can be more scenarios, from having natural light to adjusting the ceiling light. Everything is in your hands! Yet, remember that in a dim light, even a newly cleaned bathroom will look untidy and cramped.


The Right Lighting

It is unlikely that your bathroom has a window that lets in natural light. So, make sure there is enough light in the room. Then the space will immediately become more pleasant and comfortable. For the bathroom, you can choose from different lighting options - ceiling or spot lighting. Besides, you can make the room lighter with sconces or designer lamps.


Visual Expansion

If you live in an apartment with a tiny bathroom, of course you want to expand the space. Replace large objects with objects with more streamlined shapes. Use a proven method. Install mirrors or even several mirrored surfaces, which will reflect the light and expand the space.


Put a Mirror

A small bathroom can be visually enlarged with the help of a large mirror. This is the simplest and at the same time the most effective solution to enlarge the space. A full-width mirror pushes the boundaries, and what was three square meters can turn into a long and bright hallway!

A Glass Partition Instead of a Curtain

Firstly, this solution looks neat, and secondly, transparent glass is the best friend of small rooms.

A partition made of glass, embedded in the edge of the bathtub, unlike the noisy and bulky curtain, is almost invisible, but still perfectly protects the floor and walls from drips and splashes.


Your Own Comfort

The size of the bathroom is not so important when you are going to work in a hurry in the morning. But at the weekend you want to catch your breath and relax: take a bath and devote time to self-care. Even in the smallest of spaces, it's easy to get cozy by putting down a teddy bear rug, a nice curtain, and fluffy towels on the floor. Add some elements to the bathroom that will represent comfort just for you.



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