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5 Vinegar Life Hacks Solution For Your Home

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Vinegar is one of the most important products that every home-owner should have. Made from fermented liquid composed of water and acetic acid it can be used to substitute a lot of chemical and home products since it is inexpensive and more effective. Below are five cost-effective and efficient Do-It-Yourself life hacks you can do using vinegar.

Mold Removal

There is a common misconception that bleach can kill mold. This is in fact a myth since bleach will only kill the surfaced mold but not the mold membrane. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discourages the use of bleach in the removal of molds unless under the supervision of a professional. All is not lost however, you can use white vinegar as an excellent substitute for the job. White vinegar is well-known to get rid of approximately 82 percent of all mold species and it is also an effective tool for curbing future mold outbreaks.


Deodorizing Trash Can

There isn't a more disgusting and annoying smell as the one emitted by an indoor house trash can. We can remedy this situation by simply using vinegar. To get rid of the foul smell in just a day, leave some few pieces of bread soaked with vinegar in the trash can overnight.


Grease Remover

At one point in your life, you have struggled with removing stained grease from a home appliance or clothing. While there a lot of detergent out there for removing grease, you can also use vinegar with effective results. Vinegar has an acidic component that easily cut through grease. Spray diluted vinegar on the greasy spot, thenscrub the greasy spot using soapy waterafterabout10 minutes.


Bathroom Cleaning

You will probably notice that your bathroom accounts for some of the toughest stains to clean. Luckily, you can rely on white vinegar to do the wonders for you. Vinegar's level of acidity helps loosen the rust and lime making it the perfect cleaning agent for your bathroom. With only half a cup of white distilled vinegar, you can use it to clean bathroom surfaces such as tiles, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets.


Fruit Flies Trapper

Fruit flies are some of the most annoying insects that persist in your kitchen even after you have cleaned it up and gotten rid of the rotten fruits that attracted them there. Using apple cider vinegar you can make a trap to catch and kill breeding adults that won't go away. Pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar into a cylindrical container, cover the top firmly with plastic cover and poke small holes to lure the flies into the container.

As mentioned above, it is clear that vinegar is a practical home remedy that you can rely upon for basic home solutions. It is cost effective, easy to use, and provides an environmentally friendly solution in your home. As you go along with your daily routine, you might want to consider using vinegar to help you accomplish your daily tasks.  For more cleaning hacks make sure to visit



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