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Fun And Creative Ways To Let Everyone Know You Moved

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moving invitation card

moving invitation card

Moving to a new place is exciting as well as stressful. Once you move - it's time to let everyone know!

You should think about some fun and creative ways to make the announcement. Since this is one of the most significant life events.

There are many creative ways of letting know the people you are moving, here are some ways on how you can let know the people about your moving.

1. Old Fashioned Ways

Be creative with the old-fashioned ways to let your favorite people that you have moved to a new place. Sending paper announcements nowadays may seem unimaginative. But this is one of the fun ways in this era.

If you send the card before you move to the new place, this would be helpful for the people as well. They also will get some time and prepare to say goodbye to you in person.

Be creative with the physical cards instead of purchasing from the store. You can use your old school ideas or take ideas from the internet.

Or go to an expert designer and make a customized card. If you want to express more personality than you can add some handwritten blurb - this will add your personal touch as well.

If you want to send housewarming party invitations after you start staying to your house then you can add the photograph of your new home including the map. 

Also, don't forget to add the address of your house in details so that they can easily find out the home.


2. Throw a party

moving card

moving card

Nothing can be better than throwing a party at your current home and let people know you are moving to a new place. Select some family and closest friends you want to spend some quality time with before you go.

Invite them to your place and tell them you are moving. Share some beautiful moments all you spend together in the house.

Organize some packing foods like pizza, beer, or other foods all you love eating.


3. Make a Video Announcement

Have some advantages from the internet by using video chat apps or software. If you cannot meet your friends or family in person or forget to let them know then a video announcement is one of the easiest ways you can try.

Moving to a new place is a big step whether it's near to your current place or far.

Arrange a video chat and let everyone know together you are moving. Show them how's going on your packing.

Before you say bye to them, don't forget to share the address of your new place.


4. Party at the New Place



Arranging another party to your new place would be more overwhelming. By doing this, you'd meet your neighbors and get chances of making new friends.

Also, invite your family and friends. While inviting them, you can add a photograph of your new house.

This could be a bbq party or would be more likely as a picnic of summertime.


5. Make a Facebook Event

Now everyone has a Facebook id. Facebook is one of the great ways to interact with friends and family. This amazing app has some cool features: a Facebook event is one of them.

Create an event and give it an interesting name - then add your family and friends to whom you want to tell that you are moving to the new place. Include the address of your new place into it so that they know it better.

You can share your experience on how you are preparing yourself or packing. By doing this, they will be a part of your move.

Add the date so that they can see when you are leaving the current place and they come for a farewell.


6. Send fun moving announcement cards

moving out card

moving out card

Sending some funny moving cards is an awesome way. Pick out the best announcement cards and use this as a change of address cards. This will do two things for you: (i) it would be a nice announcement card, and (ii) this will contain your new place address.

So people will easily know the address specifically where you are moving. Announcement cards would remind you of how you move to a new place, everything in between.


7. Send Email

Make a digital announcement and let your favorite people know where and when you are moving. You can make the email beautiful and fancy - all you need to do is: add a touch of graphics and create an image that shows you are moving to a new place.

Or something you want to show, you can prepare your image from the Canva. Search Google or have a look at Pinterest - you will give tons of inspirations on how to make email amazing.


8. Tell People One by One

This is another old school way of letting people know you are changing your current place.

Make the announcement like a private conversation. You can meet them in person, meet them at dinner, or have a cup of coffee together. If these are not possible then simply call them one by one.

You can give them a video call and share them the reason for your excitement. Tell them everything that you feel, how happy you are, etc.

When you meet or talk to a person privately this will make your bonding better.


9. Create a Map

Creating a personalized map is one of the fun as well as creative ways of letting everyone know you are moving to a new place.

Create a map with Google Maps and add the directions of your new home - this will be amazing for your friends who are more likely analytical thinkers.

Create a map then mark different locations that will take the road to your new house. You can add some notes or add images - this will be entertaining to the people.

Once you create the map, don't forget to change the privacy only to your friends or family you want to share.


Final Thoughts

As we said moving is fun and stressful as well, but you can make the moving funny and amazing by following these nine easy ways.

Do some creativity and share your thoughts with your family and friends or the loved one. And make your move to the new place a worth memorable journey.



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