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4 Ways To Qualify A Roofing Company In New Orleans

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When storms come through your area, they can leave your roof compromised. You may find that you need repairs and go searching for roofing in New Orleans to find a qualified contractor. Sometimes it doesn’t take storms for you to find that you need a qualified contractor to work on your roofing in New Orleans.

If you’ve never repaired or replaced a roof on your home, it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for in a roofing contractor. Just because a company posts a few good reviews, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are qualified to do your roof repair or replacement. Using the wrong contractor can be costly, leaving you to pay for your roof a second time when a qualified contractor has to come and do the job again.

Here’s what to look for in a contractor qualified to do roofing in New Orleans.

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1. Experience

Obviously, you want a contractor with experience. When a contractor has experience with roofing in New Orleans, they will have all the appropriate tools to do the job right the first time. Furthermore, they will have learned the little tricks of the trade that help them do the job properly the first time.

Most contractors who are qualified to roofing New Orleans will proudly display their years of experience on their website. They will show up with a crew large enough to complete your job and the boss won’t have any trouble answering questions you have about the job.

They should be able to supply local references of past jobs they have completed. Most contractors with experience in roofing in New Orleans will offer a free estimate and typically put that estimate in writing. This locks them into a price and makes it easier for you to compare prices as you shop.


2. Certifications

A great contractor who’s qualified to do roofing in New Orleans will have all the proper certifications meaning they have completed the necessary training. Sometimes these certifications are a matter of education while other times they may be the act of not receiving any serious customer complaints.

There are several steps which may be required of a contractor to receive certain qualifications. Some great qualifications to look for in your roofing contractor include the Owens Corning Roofing Preferred Contractor seal, the Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and even the Roofing Contractor Top 100 List.

If you can find a roofing contractor with all these qualifications and more, chances are they’re probably a good contractor. A contractor who is qualified to do roofing in New Orleans will almost always proudly display all their certifications on their website. This makes your job a little easier. The more certifications a roofing contractor has, the better quality their work likely is.


3. Bonded & Insured

A contractor who is qualified to do roofing in New Orleans will be bonded and insured. When a contractor is bonded it means they have purchased a particular type of bond to ensure their legal and financial obligations are met. Of course, contractor insurance works in a similar fashion.

Most often they won’t have to use their bond or insurance but the fact that they go the extra mile to purchase it shows that the contractor is willing to do the right thing even when nobody’s looking. You should always ask to see proof of their insurance and bonding certificate because anyone can post it on their website.


4. Customer Reviews

When searching for a contractor who is qualified to do roofing in New Orleans, be sure to search for customer reviews. Most contractors will have some good reviews posted on their website but the best contractors will have several positive reviews. The longer a contractor has been in business, the more positive reviews they should have available on their website.

It also helps to search the contractor on Google to see if there are reviews listed on platforms other than the ones posted on their website. Almost every company will have some positive review but if a contractor is telling you they’ve been in business for a decade, the number of positive reviews should correspond to that timeline.

At least some of those reviews should be from local clients. You may consider asking for a few local references and take the time to check those references. Sometimes you may need to make a phone call while other times roofing contractors will carry books with before and after pictures of local jobs for potential clients.


One More Thing- Look For A Guarantee

Great contractors who are qualified to do roofing in New Orleans will guarantee their work. The guarantee may be a year warranty on craftsmanship along with the manufacturer’s warranty on the materials or something a little different. Each contractor runs their business differently, but they should all warranty their work.

A guarantee on the craftsmanship is a guarantee on the way the work is performed. For instance, the prep work was completed correctly and the roofing material was installed appropriately. The manufacturer’s warranty is a warranty on the product itself and the number of years it should last when correctly installed. If a contractor is not willing to guarantee their work on your roof, then you’ll probably want to keep searching for one who is.


Best Roofing in New Orleans

When you start searching for a contractor who is qualified to do roofing in New Orleans, it’s important to find the best contractor for your specific job. Be sure to look for local experience, the right certifications, and find a contractor who is bonded and insured. When you find the best contractor to do your roofing in New Orleans, you should also look for customer reviews and a satisfaction guarantee. When you find a roofing contractor with all these qualities, then you’ve probably got your contractor. You want to ensure that the contractor you hire to do your roofing in New Orleans is the best one for your specific repair or replacement and has all the proper qualities to do the job right the first time.