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4 Simple Ways To Start Sleeping Better

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Tips For Better Sleep

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Finding it hard to locate better sleep easily? If it’s sleep you’re looking for, then these 4 simple top tips can help you start sleeping better from tonight.

68% of Americans struggle with sleep. We can often get confused because there are so many tips, tricks, and products out there that promise to cure sleep deprivation and eliminate issues leading to a severe lack of sleep.

When it comes to better sleep, it’s best to keep it simple and start with the essentials before getting caught up in fads that are not sustainable in the long run. From ensuring you have the best mattress, to keeping your mind clear, and sticking to a routine, these 4 simple tips can help you start sleeping better from tonight!

Clear Your Mind

A clear mind is the first simple tip to help you start sleeping better. Reducing stress in the night can lead to a more in-depth sleep experience, not to mention, you can fall asleep faster.

There are many ways to help you clear your mind. These include meditation, listening to relaxing sleep music, trying breathing exercises, and doing light yoga before bedtime.

If these strategies are new to you, then listening to sleep sounds an excellent starting point. You can find hundreds of different types of deep relaxing sleep music for free on Youtube, Spotify, or other dedicated sleep apps designed to help you sleep better. Better yet, it’s all free, so this is something you can get started on tonight.


Look After Your Spine

Your spine is a very delicate part of your body. Since we spend up to one-third of our lifetime laying in bed, we must take care of our spine and provide support in all the right areas. When sleeping, the lower back, neck, and shoulders must get the right amount of support to help reduce pain and discomfort.

When it comes to supporting your spine, you really need to pay attention to your mattress. Sleeping on an old spring or latex mattress with lumps is probably doing you more hard than good.

To help support your spine and start sleeping better, a memory foam mattress is something you should consider. The soft yet firm feel of the most comfortable mattresses made from memory foam will contour to your body. Even as you move around, the bed will gently support your muscles and joints and relieve pressure in all the right places.

You might be wondering how this is something you can do tonight? Well, nowadays, the best-rated mattresses can be purchased online from the comfort of your own home.

Many online mattress companies offer free shipping, sleep trial periods, and often have sales where you can end up saving a lot. There is a memory foam mattress for just about any budget, so why do some research tonight and set yourself up for the best sleep of your life!


Rest Your Head On A Comfy Pillow

Your pillow sits in the critical basket, just like your mattress. When was the last time you reviewed the condition of your pillow? The way you sleep should determine the kind of pillow you have.

Thin pillows usually suit people who lay on their backs, whereas stomach sleepers benefit from a softer pillow that's gentle on the face. Side sleepers sometimes like a firmer pillow. It all really depends on your taste and what helps you sleep better.

If you’re not comfy on your current pillow, try swapping with your partner, or take a look in the linen cupboard and see if there is a spare one that is a better fit for the way you sleep.

The height and firmness of your pillow are rather important. If it's too hard or too soft, you might end up experiencing neck and shoulder pain throughout the day.

If you are struggling to find the perfect pillow in your house, spend some time tonight researching adjustable pillows. You can customize the height and firmness to suit your taste, and you can get it delivered free to your home! Simple.


Stick To The Same Time

The last simple tip to help you sleep better is the most basic yet highly effective. Sleeping at the same time each night helps to anchor the sleep cycle. When you do this, over time, your body naturally develops what we often call a body clock. You will be able to fall asleep without any problems and wake up at the same time automatically, without the need for an alarm clock and constant snoozing.

Over to you! Start taking your sleep seriously using these simple strategies and start sleeping better from tonight. Sleep is super important, and your body will thank you for it!







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