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Weekend Home Improvement Projects to Do With Your Kids 

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Awesome Weekend Home Improvement Projects to Do With Kids

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Weekend Home Improvement Projects With Your Kids 

Tackling a few home improvement projects over the weekend with your kids can be great fun. By getting your kids involved in DIY projects, you help them develop their skills and confidence while you all have fun and create lovely family memories.

Australians love spending time outdoors so doing a bit of fixing here and sprucing up there is a great way to spend time outside bonding with the kids. With a safe, age-appropriate task and some basic tools, a lot can be done together.

Just bear in mind that the aim is spending quality time with your youngsters rather than being productive. The priority is having fun and enjoying the process rather than thinking about constraints and deadlines.

Shop for supplies together Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

When you start the preparations for your home improvement projects, include the kids and take them shopping with you to the home centre. Help them get familiar with the aisles and products, teach them how to read signage and labels and show them how to politely ask for help and talk to the store staff. Make a list of things you need for your projects and let the kids have it and lead the way to the Mosman hardware store where you can fill your cart with all the tools, hardware and accessories you may need.

Paint the front door

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Real Estate Investing Tips

You might start your weekend home improvement project with the front door. They’re instrumental in making a great first impression and giving them a remodel is quite a simple task. You can take the door down or paint it in place, but whatever you choose to do, get the kids involved every step of the way. They can be your helpers and add tools, hold your brushes and even paint if they’re old enough to do a decent job. Let them in on the decision of the paint colour – if they’re adamant on painting the door bright red or turquoise blue, let it be so! It’ll make them happy and it’ll give your home a unique look.

Paint your mailbox

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Painting ideas

A small but fun project to do with your kids is to give your mailbox a sizzling makeover! Take the box down, clean it, dry it and give it a coat of primer before you let your kids take over. Visit your local crafts store, buy brushes and paint and find some interesting stencils that the kids can use in their design and make sure you don’t forget to add your house number in the end.

Upscale details in your kids’ rooms

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Bedroom ideas

Kids love strong and vibrant colours so you might take on a smaller project like painting the insides of their book or toy shelves. It could be the back or even the sides, tops and bottoms. It’ll create a unique look and add contrast. If your kids are quite handy with scissors and glue and have tones of creativity to spare, think about upscaling the lampshades they have in the room.

Spruce up your garden

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Holiday Projects

Sprucing things up in your backyard with the kids on a warm weekend afternoon is a win-win situation – you get things done that you’ve been putting off for a while and the kids get the much needed time in the fresh air while creating something that will be a reminder of the time you spent together.

One of the classics that never gets old is making stepping stones. It’s an absolute winner with the kids – it’s fun, messy, gooey and artsy. You’ll need ready-mix mortar, a few moulds you can make yourself from wood or old tin pans and various knock knacks for decoration such as pebbles, marbles or broken tile pieces. While the mass is still wet, let your kids decorate each stone and 48 hours later, when you remove it from the mould, decide together how you will lay them.

Gardening is also a fun activity that teaches kids about plants, bugs and birds as well as how to be responsible for their care. Show your kids how to dig a hole, prepare the soil and water the plants. Do online research together and find which plants attract butterflies and hummingbirds so your kids will have a real project – maintaining the plants and watching out for the appearance of the little critters.

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Living Room Decor

You can’t put a price on the quality time spent with your kids. It’s the most rewarding thing you can do and the memories you create together will be cherished forever. All these activities will bring you together, offer loads of fun and pave the way for all the other home improvement projects that come along in future!

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