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What Is Repiping And When Should You Be Concerned

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Fix Broken Pipe

Fix Broken Pipe

Staring at that one childhood picture where you were dressed in questionable clothing, makes you realize how time flies very fast.

We are growing up and there’s no fountain of youth as depicted in many myths across cultures.

Unfortunately, just like us, our houses will age and become vulnerable to leaks and rust. So it’s crucial to keep track of our habitat and check our plumbing systems frequently.

If your house is not taken care of properly and your plumbing lines are ignored, repiping will become essential.

What Is the Repiping Process?

Repiping includes a complete revamp of your water lines. So it’s not a simple task that any plumber can undertake. You need specialized plumbers and repiping providers that have the necessary know-how.

After contacting one, a repiping plumber, like a clinician, will come over to your house to gather information and submit a diagnosis.  Hence, you will need to provide details such as:

-          The age of your house and if any plumbing had been done in the past

-          Location of leaks in your house

-          Types of the piping materials and the layout of your plumbing system

Afterward, depending on the result, the plumber will suggest either a whole house repiping or sectional repiping.


When Should I Repipe My House?

Before calling the repiping plumber though, you need to make sure that your house is truly in dire need of drastic plumbing changes. But how can you know?

Luckily, there are a few signs you can look out for before phoning a professional!

-          Water Discoloration: If you notice brown, yellow, or red-colored water when you use the taps of your kitchen or if your drinking water tastes or smells funky, it’s time to make the call.

-          Continuous Leaks: Old pipes can become rusty and let water escape. As the level of water decreases in the pipe, the pressure also decreases, which can eventually cause mold growth.

 -          Plunge in Water Pressure: Dents or increases in mineral deposits can cause pipes to leak and internal water pressure to suddenly drop. You will notice an abrupt change in water temperature when taking a bath or using tap water.


 Difference Between PEX and Copper Piping

After inspecting your house, the professional plumber will now decide on the type of plumbing material to use. PEX and Copper piping are the most common standards that companies tend to go for.

How do they differ?

  • Copper Piping: This type of piping has been used for many years in the U.S. It’s durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly, and fire-resistant. However, it’s quite costly, and it can also add a metallic taste to water which off-puts homeowners.
  • PEX Piping: Contrary to Copper Piping, PEX has only gained attention in recent years. A couple of its benefits include flexibility, low pricing, and resistance to freezing temperatures. But as they say, nothing in our world is 100% perfect. PEX is susceptible to sunlight and sensitive to chlorine, therefore proper piping system applications need to be implemented when using PEX.


Schedule a Call with a Professional

Old pipes are ticking time-bombs that can lead to a plumbing disaster. So if you think your house requires repiping, go ahead and consult with a professional repiping provider that will help you every step of the way, from providing quality and detailed inspection services to securing the most suitable piping material!  







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