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What is Sheesham Wood and What makes it different?

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One of the types of wood you will encounter when furniture shopping is sheesham wood. But, what is Sheesham wood exactly? How does it compare to other types of wood like mango wood?
Learn about the origin of Sheesham wood, its characteristics, and how it compares to a mango wood. Find out why it is used in many of today’s furniture.

Sheesham Wood Origins

Dalbergia Sissoo, also known as Indian Rosewood, is the source of Sheesham wood. The tree is native to India and grows all over the Sub-Himalayan Regions. However, you can find it naturalized globally, including Africa, Australia, and the US.

Sheesham Wood Origins

The Sheesham tree has various names, including Himalaya Raintree, Indian Dalbergia, penny leaf tree, sissoo, shishan, and shisham. It can grow up to 10-15 meters tall in dry areas, and even taller at 30 meters in wet areas.

Its leaves are compound, and produces pink-white flowers that resemble a pea flower. It gives a dry fruit that is a thin and papery pale brown pod.

The tree mainly offers timber, but it has other minor uses. For instance, some people use the slender twigs from the tree for oral care. In India, Sheesham is used to treat some skin disorders and stomach related problems.

Is sheesham wood good for dining table?

The heartwood is the very proof against dry wooden termites, making it decay-resistant; Sheesham wooden furnishings can also be a dense wood and is extraordinarily sturdy. However, if you're searching for inexpensive dining room furnishings that can also be sturdy and trendy, Sheesham wooden is the best way to go.

Sheesham wood characteristics


The color of the core of the Sheesham wood ranges from golden brown to a deep reddish brown. You can also see some dark streaks in the wood that adds to its beauty. The wood is hard and tough, with straight and sometimes interlocked grains.

Furniture that uses Sheesham wood makes a fine addition to your home because of its natural beauty. You should polish it to enhance and preserve the vibrant color and natural markings of the wood.

How do I identify Sheesham wood furniture?

Look wise, sheesham wooden is golden brown or darkish brown in shade. It additionally has streaks of sapwood which is perhaps white to mild brown. The wooden itself may be very brittle. To make it sturdy and price utilizing, the wood is first air dried very rigorously in any other case it tends to separate.


Sheesham wood responds well to most, if not all, machinery. However, some may have chalky deposits that can dull cutters. Otherwise, the wood works well with turns, glues, and finishing.

sheesham sisu wood vintage style

The wood is heavy and dense, but has superior strength, making it an ideal choice for fine quality furniture. It is a popular wood for woodcarving, especially in India.

How hard is Sheesham wood?

Sheesham has gained worldwide consideration as a good high quality wood for furnishings like tables, cabinets, cupboards. It's because its wood may be very sturdy and lasts generations. It is usually decay-resistant. Its heartwood may be very sturdy and is very immune to dry-wooden termites, however it's vulnerable to wooden boring beetles.


The wood is hard and extremely durable because it’s one of the timbers that are not highly susceptible to dry-wood termites. It also doesn’t warp or split, making it a popular choice for furniture such as cabinets.

It also has a high natural decay resistance. The downfall is that Sheesham is attractive to woodboring beetles. That said, you should check it often and make sure it is free of beetles or beetle eggs.

How do you care for sheesham wood furniture?

The care directions for Sheesham wooden are:

  1. Keep away from direct daylight and temperature variations. 
  2. Polish the wooden time to time.
  3. Keep away from changes and adjustments in humidity. 
  4. Wipe away the mud often. 
  5. Use Pure Beeswax for premium touch.

Both kinds of wood are strong, durable and beautiful, but if you want a smooth finish, Sheesham’s natural grain and texture wins. It is also denser and has better natural decay resistance and less prone to fungus compared to mango.

On the other hand, mango wood has a coarse texture and greenish-brown color. It’s easier to cut than Sheesham because it is softer. Though it is soft, it is still strong and durable. It also has a greater water resistance, making it a popular choice of wood for outdoor furniture.

Another thing about mango wood is that the wood is only the secondary product. The mango fruit is the primary harvest of the tree. When the tree stops or slows in fruit production, it is cut down for its wood, and a new one is planted. Because of this, we consider it as the greener option.

Finally, mango wood is less dense than Sheesham wood. For this reason, it gets more attention because it makes a lighter furniture, yet it is still very sturdy.

In the end, however, it is a matter of preference. Both kinds of wood are great and durable, but it also depends on how well you care for it. Whichever you choose, follow care and maintenance instructions.

Sheesham Wood Uses

sheesham wood uses

sheesham wood uses

Sheesham wood is a popular material for making furniture, but it's used in many other ways as well. This hardwood is prized for its two-toned appearance, as well as its distinctive wood grain. While it's more expensive than mango wood, sheesham is easier to work with and is resistant to dry-wood termites. It's also strong, making it a great choice for boatbuilding and solid-wood furniture.

Sheesham wood is a popular material for making furniture, but it's used in many other ways as well. This hardwood is prized for its two-toned appearance, as well as its distinctive wood grain. While it's more expensive than mango wood, sheesham is easier to work with and is resistant to dry-wood termites. It's also strong, making it a great choice for boatbuilding and solid-wood furniture.

Its elastic properties make it perfect for veneers, frames, and desks. It can be easily finished with oil and varnish, making it a perfect choice for cabinetry. This hardwood retains moisture well, making it a great choice for homes in climates with heavy rainfall. It can also be carved and polished to produce beautiful wood objects. In addition to its beauty, sheesham wood can be glued and finished.

Sheesham wood's remarkable versatility makes it a popular choice for woodworking and furniture. It can be shaped into any shape and finished with a variety of materials and machinery. Its tight grain pattern and high oil content make it a great choice for carvings and musical instruments. Because it can stand up to extreme conditions, it is also an affordable alternative to teak furniture. Compared to teak, sheesham wood requires minimal flooring maintenance.

Sheesham wood is often mistaken for teak. It's similar to teak but has more water in its trunk. This makes it less suitable for burning, but has a softer grain. Its high tensile strength makes it a popular choice for outdoor furniture. It's a great choice for outdoor furniture, but is a secondary product. It's used primarily for boat construction and in the construction of boats and furniture.

10 Ways to Use Sheesham Wood in Your Home

Sheesham wood is a dark-brown, reddish-colored variety of Khaya (acacia) that grows in semi-desert areas of south India. It’s also known as Indian mahogany or Asiatic mahogany. Sheesham is used to create doors and cabinets because of its beautiful grain and the way it looks when finished. It’s also economical to use, but there are so many home decorating opportunities for sheesham as well. Here are 15 ways you can use sheesham wood in your home:

. Decorative panels and door inserts

Sheesham wood is very durable, so when you use it to make decorative panels or door inserts, your home will last a lot longer. You can put sheesham wood in any type of furniture in your home. You could use sheesham for end tables or coasters as well. - Cabinets As mentioned before, sheesham is used for cabinets because of its durability and beautiful grain.

Sheesham has a straight grain pattern that creates an elegant look when finished. It’s also easy to work with, so you don’t have to worry about whether the pieces are going to be perfect the first time around. Sheesham makes for excellent drawer fronts because it doesn’t warp easily like oak does and there is no need for edges which could split during construction. - Floors If you're looking for a hardwood floor that will last a lifetime and won't cost much, sheesham is an excellent choice.

 However, if you plan on laying down laminate over the flooring instead of installing it directly over the concrete slab, sheesham may not be the best option because it's not as durable as other types of hardwoods such as walnut or maple. - Tool handles Sheesham is great for making tool handles because of its hardness and resistance to decay and rot. The wood won't swell up into mush like many other woods do after they've been soaked repeatedly in

. Shelving and bookends

Sheesham wood is a common material for shelves. You can also make bookends out of sheesham wood, which will look elegant in your home.

. Storage

Sheesham wood is a great option for cabinets. It’s a light-weight, durable material that has a beautiful look when finished. It can be used to create any type of cabinet, from simple to ornate, from small to large. Sheesham is also an excellent material for wine racks and bookcases because it has plenty of space for your books and wine glasses.

. Cozy up with a new Sheesham sofa set or chair

Not only is sheesham a beautiful wood, but it’s also a very durable one. It can withstand the test of time and the wear and tear of everyday use. Choose from a variety of colors or varieties to create your own unique set or chair.

. Bench and stool

making Sheesham wood is ideal for turning into various furniture pieces, such as benches, stools, and cabinets. What makes sheesham wood so great for these pieces is that it’s easy to shape and it takes a high-gloss finish. It’s also durable, which means you can do more with it than with some other types of wood.

. Table top and candle holders

A table top is a place where you can proudly showcase your favorite things. For example, you can use sheesham wood to create a beautiful table top that will withstand the test of time. It’s easy to make your own table top with this wood because it has a beautiful grain and it's hard to stain or damage it; so, all you need is some sandpaper or fine grit and paint.

If you have a candle holder that needs repair or just an outdated one, take a look at the sheesham wood in your home for an alternative solution. You can also sand down the wooden parts of the candle holder and paint it with sheesham wood from your stash!

. Coaster sets and coasters

Sheesham wood coasters are perfect for your coffee table. Create a unique look by painting the top of your sheesham wood coaster in a different color, or let it show its natural color. To make the coaster more durable, you can use polyurethane varnish on the coaster to protect it from liquids.

. Office desk accessories

A sheesham wood desk is a beautiful and functional option for an office desk. This is also a great way to make sure your office space looks professional, without spending a lot of money. A sheesham wood desk can still have a modern appearance while keeping the natural beauty of the wood intact.

. Outdoor furniture cushions

Sheesham wood is often used to create outdoor furniture cushions. They’re attractive, durable, and easy to maintain.

. SheeSham Wood Hardness

Sheesham wood is one of the hardest woods. According to the Janka scale, it rates between 1,660 and 1,700. This makes it more durable and resistant to decay than other hardwoods. Sheesham trees are typically between 22 and 30 years old and grow to 1.5 meters in diameter. They are also used to make small living room furniture and as fuel in places without electricity.

Although the hardness of sheesham wood may not be a deciding factor when purchasing this hardwood, many carpenters and architects prefer it over other types of timber for the fact that it is so versatile and affordable.

What are the benefits of the sheesham tree? YouTube Video


Sheesham wood is growing in popularity as a high-quality wood for furniture such as cabinets. This is because it is durable, its color and patterns are naturally beautiful, and it gives a smooth finish. Sheesham wood is an excellent wood for turning and finishing.

We hope this helped you with what you needed to know about Sheesham wood. Do you have comments or questions? Use the comment section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.





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