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What Material Will Be Used In Drywall Repair San Diego, CA?

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Most modern homes employ drywall, a common gypsum-based building material, to create their flat walls and ceilings. There are several varieties of drywall from which to select, depending on where it will be put. A recycled-material ECO board is also available to make sheetrock that resembles concrete.

The fact that drywall sheets have tapered edges on their long sides is a significant benefit. These edges generate a shallow recess when connected together, allowing for completed seams that are undetectable thanks to sheetrock adhesive and joint compound. 

It’s crucial to select the appropriate type of sheetrock for your project because the various possibilities are sometimes distinguished by their color. Check out the materials your drywall repair company uses at www.drywallsandiegopro.com/ prior to getting repairs scheduled. 

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 Homes often have drywall that is 1/2 regular sheetrock, usually referred to as white board, has been the most common type of sheetrock used during the building of homes and is suitable for most all residential rooms. Typically, it has a brown end and a white end. It is made with gypsum, however unlike certain variants, it lacks the specialized mold resistance of other types, making it less durable in humid situations.

Although it is not meant for use there, conventional sheetrock is routinely utilized there as well as in some basements. Gypsum of this sort is the most affordable option; it comes in a variety of diameters and thicknesses spanning 3/8 of an inch up to 1″. 


Green Drywall

Green board sheetrock, also known as water resistant sheetrock, is proven to be made of higher water-resistance than traditional drywall because of its green coating. Green board can be made from similar materials as regular drywall, with the exception of the addition of wax to the paper covering. 

In a few other moist areas, such bathrooms, laundry rooms, and commercial spaces, it is widely used as a backer for tile.


Blue board

Blue board sheetrock, also known as plaster baseboard, serves as the support for the veneer sheathing that needs to be applied on top. In addition to the gypsum within, the blue board’s finished surface layer has special absorption qualities that give it the appearance of true plaster.

In homes, it’s common to find 1/2 blue board plasterboard that can’t be coated in paint, taped, or even mudded. Veneer plastering requires fewer steps when mudding or taping, though.


Paperless Drywall

Paperless sheetrock is covered in fiberglass, which provides even greater resistance to mold and moisture and guards the plasterboard from deterioration.

Despite the fact that some construction experts believe paperless sheetrock boards to be easier to cut than regular sheetrock, it is really a little tougher in quality. Installers must use joint compound to provide a clean, tidy finish since this board has subtle textures.

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Purple Drywall

The pluses of purple sheetrock are nearly the same as those of green drywall, except it is more resistant to mold. For greater performance, this sort of sheetrock includes a gypsum inside covered with just recycled paper.

Homes often have sheetrock that is 1/2 all ceiling and wall applications can utilize it, and it is best suited when increased mold and water resistance is needed. Click here for more on mold and mold resistance. 


Type X

Drywall Type X, which incorporates fiberglass within a gypsum core, is a fire-resistant substitute. A lot of layers of this type of plasterboard may be used to further restrict the propagation of a fire. Its improved soundproofing properties might benefit from its greater thickness.

Laminated sheetrock, which is made of gypsum, wood fibers, and polymers, boosts the Sound Transmission Class of drywall.

Since the material is denser than typical drywall, cutting this sheetrock could be a little trickier than cutting other usual choices. As a result of its soundproofing capabilities, it is used in locations where noise is a problem.

Homes often have sheetrock that is 1/2 a tiny layer of metal layered within a certain soundproof (http://sound.csail.mit.edu/) drywall can further reduce sound transmission.


Selecting Drywall

When selecting the ideal type of plasterboard to supply your home, take into account its intended usage and the location where it will be installed. For example, the vast majority of living spaces or bedrooms are able to be finished with normal sheetrock, however the bathrooms and kitchens should utilize materials that are moisture-resistant, such as green board. 

Purple drywall may be necessary in baths with an abundance of water around the shower walls.

Additionally, Type X drywall needs to be used in studios and on walls dividing two living spaces (such those in apartments, townhouses, and condos). Homes frequently feature 1/2-inch drywall. This important move will help stop the dangerous fires from spreading.

If you are still unsure, it is imperative to talk with a certified contractor.







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