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What to Do With Old Gas: 3 Ways to Recycle It

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Old gasoline is a very flammable and dangerous chemical, so you should not be surprised that it is pretty complicated to recycle it.

Before anything else, you must ask yourself: how do I recover a gas that could catch possibly explode or start a fire? You need to do it slowly and carefully.

If you cannot just put the gasoline in your working boat, lawn mower, or care, we have some recommendations where you can use it. It would be such a waste to leave it in the dumpsters, right? The question here now is, what to do with old gas?

Does Gasoline Become Old?

Gasoline old

The question has been debated for a few years now and even up to this day, a lot of people argue about this. Some individuals may claim that it is just a myth that gas goes old and stale.

If you leave it for an extended period in storage, its quality may degrade slowly. When you use old gasoline, you will have difficulties in starting your car’s engine. Unfortunately, some vehicles may not even work at all.

The reason behind this is because gas comes with sophisticated features. One of the characteristics is volatility. It means that gasoline is relatively susceptible of vaporizing.

Because of this, it may lead to vaporizing when you don’t use it. That’s why whatever is left of its capacity and volatility to combust correctly will decrease.

Ways to Recycle Old Gas

Ways to Recycle Old Gas

Here are some ways you can use your residual gas:

Use Old Gasoline in Your Mower

A lot of people use their gas to work with their engines. Many have tried it, and it worked as planned. You cannot just use it for your lawnmower, but you can also use it for your leaf blower.

Also, you can utilize the leftover gasoline with your chainsaw and pressure washer. All of this equipment will work as smoothly as possible.

A lot of people put a ratio of 6: 1, with the former as the new gas and the latter as the old gas. In fact, numerous people use this method to recycle gasoline. But, experts do not advise you to combine the old one with the new petrol.

Others also use it to work with their car engines. However, this is not advisable. For safety precautions, you have to take note of this idea: old gas is for the old motor.

Utilize Old Gas to Exterminate Ants

Fire ants are most probably your lawn’s enemy number one. Moreover, when you accidentally step on them, it will cause you so much pain. Fortunately, you can start a fire using gasoline to burn the house of these ants.

Furthermore, you can get the old gas and pour it into the ant hole. After this step, you can bury the mound properly. You do not have to begin a fire this time. All you need is the fume to scatter around the area.

old gas

After a moment, it will eradicate the queen, and the whole nest will also expire along with it. Then, you can also utilize it to wipe off your unruly weeds in the yard. All you have to do is to ensure that you use it on the portion where you do not want to grow some plants.

How to Recondition Old Gasoline

For those individuals who want to recondition their gas, you may want to obtain the Pri-G as your fuel treatment. It will ideally surpass your expectations.

Why? It is because it will repair your gas and at the same time, it will cancel out the negative effects of ethanol in the fuel. Additionally, it is perfect for avoiding small engine damages.

It can even repair chainsaws, lawnmowers, and weed trimmers as it stabilizes your gasoline. But, you need to know that it cannot work smoothly when directly mixed with old gas.

So, you have to combine it with fresh gas. When you do so, it will keep the gasoline renewed for around one year and three months.


When you have old gas in your storage, all you need to do is to recycle and reuse it. It is such an incredible discovery that will save you not only time but also money. Who knew that old gasoline would still be useful, right?

But, you should remember to recondition your old gas because you mix it with the new one. That way, it will last for a few years, and you can benefit from it!

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