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What To Do With Unrepairable Appliances?

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broken appliances with smoke

broken appliances with smoke

Perhaps, that old oven toaster finally bit the dust. Maybe, your washing machine you held on for so long decided that it could no longer handle another wash cycle.

Note that appliances have their lifespans. Some appliances tend to live longer than others. Nonetheless, these items might become unrepairable over time. Now, you ask yourself, “What to do with these broken appliances?”

Here are five tips to help you eliminate these unrepairable devices from your home:

1. Hire Rubbish Removal Services

Let rubbish removal services, like Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal, take away those unrepairable items from your household. Professionals in the industry know how to remove different types of rubbish, which include broken appliances. But, it doesn’t mean you should hire any rubbish removal company you see. Consider searching for essential factors, such as the following:

  • Expertise: Hire professional services that know how to properly remove different types of junk, ranging from chemical wastes to old devices. An experienced company should also prioritize efficiency in disposing of these items to reduce risks of potential dangers.
  • Customer service: The company you hire should know how to respect their clientele. A trustworthy firm exudes excellent customer service, which may lead to astounding results from their cleaning and organizing jobs.
  • Price: Aim to hire rubbish removers with services fit for your budget. Avoid professional help that may require you to ‘break the bank’ to acquire their aid.

Hiring a reliable rubbish removal company helps you save time and effort in eliminating unrepairable appliances, along with other items you want to eliminate. With this help, you may enjoy a relaxing weekend afternoon without worrying about how to dispose of those devices that have now become paperweights.


2. Let The Manufacturers Take Them

Some brands would be more than happy to take your unrepairable appliances away from your home. Contact manufacturers if they have special programs that help you dispose of broken and unused devices. Some of these companies may also accept appliances that don’t come from their brand.

You may also search for retailers with promotions that help you dispose of your unused or unusable appliances. These shops may even offer special discounts if you donate these devices to them. For example, if you give your broken toaster, you might get a 10% discount for your next purchase from that store.

Another option is to send the appliance to a brand through 'snail mail.' However, postage fees may vary depending on the gadget's size and weight. Therefore, sending a dish dryer might be more expensive than transporting a waffle iron. Some stores may not accept your broken item without a new purchase. For example, a retailer might not take your old sandwich maker unless you purchase a similar item from the shop.


3. Donate

Note that you shouldn’t donate useless scrap to charity as it might seem like you’re throwing away junk for someone else to cater to its disposal. Instead, you can donate your unrepairable appliances to art organizations or theater groups.

Theaters may need your oven that no longer works. That item might seem like trash to you, but a theatrical troupe might see it as a priceless prop. Other individuals might be looking for broken appliances for art projects. For instance, some art enthusiast might be looking for an old washing machine to repurpose it into an unusual yet unique aquarium. Otherwise, your broken toaster might become the new home for some plants in an artist’s home.

Searching for these individuals might seem like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. For instance, you may need to dig deep into online forums and social media groups. Eventually, you might find some online communities that delve into these pursuits. It might take effort and time, but you may have these people take your unrepairable appliances away when you find them.

calling appliance fixing service

calling appliance fixing service

4. Recycle As Scrap Metal

Note that using broken appliances may contribute to the increase in your home's energy costs. Some of these devices may still function despite broken parts. However, these machines may consume more electricity than usual, causing your utility bills to skyrocket.

Save energy costs and earn some cash by giving these items to local salvage yards. These institutions may no longer find a use for the item as a whole, but handlers may still salvage the item for parts, which might net you a few bucks. For example, stoves tend to have steel construction. Salvage yards may remove steel components as this material might become valuable scrap metal.

However, don't expect to pocket hundreds of dollars from the exchange unless you're going to give away truckloads of broken appliances. The money you’ll get from donating these unrepairable items might be enough to help replace those devices.  

You may also visit your nearest recycling center. Some of these institutions may have websites that you can check for details, such as their addresses and other contact details. Certain recycling centers may also provide at-home rubbish pickup services, so you won't need to travel far to have them repurpose your devices.


5. Call The Municipal

Some cities or towns tend to have an appliance or waste disposal program. Call local government institutions to check if your region has this activity.

Governments would generally hire rubbish removers for curbside pickups for unusable items, such as your ruined appliances. Mark your calendar for the date when these trash removal experts visit your area. Remember, you may need to hold onto your appliance until pickup day. But, you may gain peace of mind, knowing that the day is close for that seemingly useless machine to say goodbye to your property.

Additionally, ensure that you don’t forget about the pickup day. Otherwise, you may have to wait for several days before the rubbish removers return to your area.



Don't fret if you think you're going to hurt the environment by disposing of unrepairable appliances. You can have professional rubbish removers take these items or send the devices back to their manufacturers. Otherwise, you may donate these objects to theatrical troupes, recycle them as scrap metal, or call local governments to pick them up for you.







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