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What To Look For In A Staging Company?

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If you have been in the home-selling business before, you know that staging your home to attract buyers is a significant step of the process. By staging every room, prospective buyers that will tour your home will be able to picture themselves as the homeowners easily. They’ll get a sneak peek of what their life could look like in this home in the future The more appealing it is to their liking and the more “homey” they felt, the higher the chances that they’ll seal the deal on your house. 

You have two choices: either you stage it yourself or hire a professional staging company. Staging your home on your own will cost you less. At the same time, you want the interior design based on what most of the buyers like, not yours. This is what staging companies are for. They know the interests of the current buyers in the market. 

If you finally decided that you’ll hire a professional stager, you must find one that can provide everything that you want. Here some tips of what you should look for a staging company:

1. They provide service that fits your budget.

Hiring a stager isn’t cheap. However, you shouldn’t just hire the first stager that knocks on your door. If you are on a budget, you wouldn’t want to pay for an overpriced service. Ask for quotations from different staging companies and then choose the one that is best for you.

If you want a more cost-efficient way, virtual home staging is now an option. The best virtual staging companies can provide you with everything that traditional home staging can give but only a fraction of the price. Virtual stagers digitally edit in furniture into a photo of your empty room to make it look like furnished. This method is best if you are planning to list your home in the online real estate market. 


2. They must have excellent testimonials from previous clients.

The credibility of the home-staging company is mostly based on the reviews of their past customers. First-hand information about their service will help you visualise what to expect from them and can be a deciding factor if you’ll hire them or not.


3. Knows how to drive in buyers.

The best staging companies know how to target prospective buyers and attract their attention. They must know the current climate of the real estate market and what current buyers are interested in.


4. They must have a topnotch portfolio.

You’ll know the staging company is good if their portfolio consists of different styles. You want your stager to be capable of incorporating designs that work best both for you and the buyers.


5. Won’t cause you any further stress.

You want a stager that can handle things on their own. The reason why you hired them in the first is to take the stress of staging off your hands - one less thing to worry about while processing other requirements in selling your home. When you interview them, ask about how much involvement they’d be requiring from you.



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