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Property Q & A: What Year was My House Built and How to Determine It?

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What Year was My House Built? Have you ever been curious and ask yourself: what year was my house built? You do not need to panic right away! Well, of course, determining the age of your home is quite important for countless reasons. Some people may need to do repairs on their homes and want to assess if they are using the same materials. Other people may want to buy a house insurance for the very first time. But, several people question this out of their curious minds because they want to find out the history of their abodes.

Whatever your reasons, there are some ways you may determine the year of construction of your house. Let’s start from the simplest to the most complex solutions.

My House Built and How to Determine It

Finding the Ownership Documents of the House

What Year was My House Built

Your title search is a printed history of your home ownership. It is a set of papers that may contain the whole deed history of the house in date order. Then, the title policy is where you’ll find the insurance documents or the series of ownership of your home. Both of them include information that may point out the year of construction of your house. It should have been passed onto you when you purchased the property.

Your evaluation of the house’s worth, or the purchase appraisal, as well as the home inspection, should have the year of creation if you kept the papers. If not, you may head to your country’s record’s office or its website. The office has the files and deeds of your house may serve as public records, which you can search for free.

You May Ask Directly That What Year was My House Built

What Year was My House Built

It is reasonable that if you are asking the age of your house, others may have raised the same concern before. So, you may ask your neighbors who may have a clue about the age of the properties in your area. They may have checked it already, or perhaps their deeds may hold enough details about it.

Do not be shy when asking. Remember that there is no harm when you ask. Plus, it can save you a lot of time and effort. Also, a survey of your house, especially if it is a structural survey, may also help you know the age of your home.

Inspect Your Home’s Architecture

What Year was My House Built

A quick look at your house architectural style and design will allow you to gather clues as to its age. You may pay close attention to the skirting boards, windows, and doors. You have to look at their particular styles, especially over the years. In fact, you may go to your local library to check out the architectural guides and historical maps of your place to see the comparison.

Moreover, you can inspect your attic and basement. A few basements indicate the year of manufacturing. You can see this printed on the brick or concrete. Attic support beams and basement pipes have the year on the surface too. Then, you may check out the interior of your toilet tank, if not yet replaced. The year of the house will be marked on the interior of the tank walls or under the reservoir cover.

But, when you analyze the architecture of your house, it will give you a vague knowledge of your home’s age. When you know that some parts of your property have changed, then this may give you just a little idea.

Look at the Archives

What Year was My House Built

If ever you have tried the methods suggested above, but you are still bothered to the age of your home, then there’s more digging to do. Fortunately, other excellent resources may help you. So, you can view them free of charge online.

Old maps determine the age of your property which you can also at your local library. It is ideal to look at your library’s newspaper archive too. These newspapers may hold old images of your home. If your local library does not have any records of your home, you may try sites that may have relevant information, including your national archives’ website.

Moreover, there are also some conservation and preservation groups and local history organizations that you can seek help if you want. Or they may at least give you an idea where to find help with these matters. You can even contact your local government and other authorities. Some records may require permission if you want to check on them.

There are also other essential online resources you may want to try. These contain useful information on different properties. So, if you have an old house, then you may find its details there. The government started these sites in an attempt of documenting the ownership of various properties. But still, some information may be missing or limited.

Also, you may want to try your luck and check out some actual census. Each census may date back between 1841 to 1911, which you can also see online. It should unveil the answer to your question about the time of construction of your house. 

What Year Was My House Built?

You can only determine the answer to this question by investigation and research methods. The year of construction may impact your house value and its likeability when it comes to potential buyers. An older house with old materials and designs will usually worth less than the newer homes. Also, a new home with known defective features dating back to its year of construction will also worth less. So, you need to dig deep if you do not have any idea about the age of your house, but it looks old to you. 

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Wrapping Things Up

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You need to face the fact that it is not easy and fast to know the exact age of your property. However, with thorough research, time, and effort, you can narrow the information down step-by-step. Over time, you may find out surprising and fascinating facts about your residence. So, often, your efforts will pay off. Good luck with your information-hunting!





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