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When Is a New Roof Needed?

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Signs That Shows You Need To Replace Your Roof

When Is a New Roof Needed


When Is a New Roof Needed? The roof is one of the crucial parts of any structure. It keeps everything contained and also protects the inside from the elements year-round. Of course, nothing in life truly lasts forever, and there will eventually come the point in time when any homeowner will have to consider getting a new roof. A roof job is expensive and time-consuming, so it's best undertaken only when absolutely necessary. It will become much more complicated and costly if the homeowner waits around.

To this effect, here are a few ways to tell whether or not you need a new roof:


How old is your roof? When Is a New Roof Needed?

When Is a New Roof Needed

old roof

The lifespan of most roofs is about 20-25 years. After this, there's a good chance it doesn't seal and operate the way it should, and you risk losing money in heating or cooling costs, as well as the fact that the roof itself might begin to look dilapidated. Age is perhaps the largest factor in when a roof needs to be replaced. Newer materials tend to be able to take the shock of extreme weather conditions well enough that where you live has a negligible bearing on the overall lifespan of your roof.


Missing shingles

When Is a New Roof Needed

Roof Maintenance Tips

Even if only a few of your shingles are missing, the absence of some shingles is a good indicator that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. Each missing shingle shouldn't be treated as indicative that the individual shingle was bad, but instead, indicative that it's only a matter of time before the rest start to disappear as well.


Daylight coming in

If you can go into your attic, check in there during a sunny day to see if daylight is coming through the roof boards. If this is the case, then it's all too easy for moisture to start coming into your home as well. Once there's moisture in your insulation, you risk having to not only replace your roof, but the insulation underneath as well.


Shingle granules around your property

When Is a New Roof Needed

roof shingles

If your gutters or the areas adjacent to your roof have little bits of shingle in them, chances are your shingles are starting to give way. If the shingles themselves vary in color, there's a good chance that the granules have started to come off. The granules in and of themselves aren't too much of an issue. They just signal the end of the lifespan of your roof.



The symptoms of a dying roof are unmistakable. There's seldom a time where you'd need to call in a specially trained expert to tell you whether or not it's worthwhile to change your roof. If anything, the expert probably works for a roofing company and would suggest a new roof regardless of whether or not it's necessary. Homeowners can easily tell themselves whether or not it's time for an upgrade, whether it be by missing shingles, the home not keeping the temperature steady in the way it used to, or other visible signs of poor roof health. Any roof that's approaching 20 years of age is bound to start showing any of the signs listed above that it's far from being in good shape. For more pragmatic questions about getting a new roof, the FAQ page at LIFT Construction Roofing is a great resource.



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