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What To Do With Boring White Walls & Make Home Beautiful | Steps By Steps DIY

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What To Do With Boring White Walls | Make Home Beautiful By Walls Decor

Make Home Beautiful By Walls Decor

White wall upgrades

When it comes to white walls, most decor experts claim that they can make any room look twice its actual size. But is that the only thing that white walls can offer to a room? Here are ten ways to add personality and dimension to boring white walls:

Make Home Beautiful By Walls Decor Steps

1. Try Molding

Molding is a great way to bring dimension to a boring white wall. Molding is a decorative style that involves putting lines or patterns on a wall that gives it a 3-dimensional look. The best thing about molding is that it adds style to the room in a minimalistic way. The decor gives the room a personal touch without taking too much attention away from the furniture and other decorative items.

Even adding white molding to a white wall will still make the room stand out in an exquisite way. If you’re a fan of abstract or eccentric decor, you could even try adding color to the molding. Consider experimenting with different shades and tones to see how they mix with the rest of the furniture in the room. You can also try adding the molding to the panels of the walls and the area surrounding the chandelier hole.

2. Exposed Brick

Make Home Beautiful By Walls Decor

Wall Decor

Using exposed brick is one of the most classic types of decor. Some would even say that it is essential since it is so versatile and popular. If your walls are not already brick, you can try using faux brick panels to add dimension and flavor to them. This is the best option for those that are interested in the industrial look. It can also add a rustic feel to the room, depending on what type of furniture you use and how the rest of the room is built.

Brick walls are versatile enough to compliment any room with any style. It is perfect for those looking to make a statement in a minimalistic way. The best thing about exposed brick is it can easily add dimension and texture to a white wall without the use of excessive coloring.

3. Poster Prints

Make Home Beautiful By Walls Decor

Wall Art Ideas

It is pretty easy to shop for prints and wall decor online or in person. However, there’s no guarantee that the store will have what you like or what you need to complete the room. In that case, you can try making your own photo poster prints and a more personal touch to your walls.

With this option, you can take your own photos and transform them into high-quality posters in half the time it takes to shop for standard wall art. You can choose to have your art framed, unframed, or framed with matting.

4. Give Your Flooring a Serious Upgrade

Make Home Beautiful By Walls Decor

Wall Decor For Bedroom

If you’re a big fan of unique and personalized decor, take it a step further and add some pizazz to your floors. This is a clever and unique way to upgrade your white walls without adding anything to them secretly. What most people don’t realize is that the flooring of a room makes up 50% of the room’s personality.

Make Home Beautiful By Walls Decor


Adding marble flooring or flooring that is very textured and colorful can add to white walls and distract people from the white walls at the same time. If you go this route, it is important that you choose a color and texture that truly matches your walls and everything else in the room. Also, consider the architecture and style of the build. You don’t want to make the floor the only thing in the room that stands out.

5. Add Storage and Shelving

In some cases, white walls aren’t boring because of their color. They’re boring because they give the impression of dead space. If you believe this is the vibe that your room gives off, try adding some storage or shelving to the walls to add color and dimension without hanging a bunch of posters and pictures.

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If you want something more modern, try using floating bookshelves or a geometric bookcase to the wall to add shape and texture easily. You can also try using hanging shelves if you’re a fan of the earthy, bohemian look. When it comes to shelving, there are so many different shapes and sizes that you can choose to add a unique touch to your white walls.

6. Use Tapestries

Tapestries are often spotted in places like college dorms and teenager bedrooms. However, tapestries aren’t just meant for youthful decor. There are hundreds of thousands of various styles and textures of tapestries out there that can bring out many different styles in a room.

Most people don’t realize that tapestries can also add style by the way that they are hung. You can either hang them straight across like a poster or give off a certain effect by drooping the center. Some tapestries also come with tears and rips to add distress to the material. This can be perfect for vintage or bohemian style rooms.

7. Mount Unique Items

Make Home Beautiful By Walls Decor

Home Decoration Ideas

Some people take it a step further and mount items like dishes, busts, and even special weaponry to the walls to make it look more interesting. If you have a theme for every room, it would be best to add accessories that match. However, if you want fresh, new ideas for accents, you can use Roman statues to add style and elegance, ceremonial swords, and other unique items.

Make Home Beautiful By Walls Decor

Home Decoration Guides

8. Add a Splash of Color

Make Home Beautiful By Walls Decor

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry on Different Materials

In most cases, you don’t have to completely paint the wall a new color to take away the blandness. Try getting a solid color of paint and trying out some different patterns and shapes on the wall and see what it comes out too.

Even if you are using a solid color and doing something basic, there are also ways that you can take the color to the next level with ease. Depending on the feel of the room, you can use matte or gloss paint to add extra dimension to the walls.

9. Make It Earthy

There’s nothing wrong with adding lots of hanging plants and flowers to your room to give it a more earthy feel. Earthy decor is also a perfect place for the use of soft neutrals and pastel colors. Nowadays, hanging plants have become one of the most popular types of decor. Try using hanging planters or using framed pressed plants to give the walls some personality.

Botanical art is also another great way to do this without breaking the bank. Most forms of botanical art comes framed or placed in a resin-like material. Since the design is so easy and basic, you can even try doing it yourself.

10. Use Wall Panels

Wall panels often come in different textures, shapes, and materials. You can either cover your white walls with panels completely or use a certain amount to create various shapes and patterns on the wall. One of the most popular types are geometric wall panels.

If you’re not a fan of the solid colors, you can also try adding mirror wall panels to your walls for a more modern effect.





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