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Why Home Buyers In Kuala Lumpur Need A Pest Control Inspection

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pest control inspection kuala lumpur

pest control inspection kuala lumpur

A home inspection is the crucial first step during the process of purchasing a new property, especially a house. Something that needs immediate attention can be easily identified before you finalize an agreement with the seller through an inspection. This way, you can save on possible repairs that may cost you more in the future.

You must know that a home inspection doesn't cover everything in your prospective property. Additional home inspections like a pest inspection might be needed and is actually one of the most important.

Because buying yourself a new home is one of the most important financial investments you're going to make, you have to be completely sure that you're putting your money in the right place.

If you live in Kuala Lumpur and want to get rid of unwanted pests, you can hire a company like KL1 Pest Control. This is because you can get affordable pest control services in KL.

Advantages of Booking a Professional Pest Control Inspection in Kuala Lumpur

Recognize Pest Problems Early

Booking a pest control service in KL lets you know if there are pest problems in the area, and what you should do about them. Professional pest control can help you put a stop to an existing problem and help you resolve other issues that may arise.


Avoid Unwanted Expenses

Conducting a pest inspection is a wise decision to make if you don’t want regrets later. Pest infestation that you don’t know of beforehand can actually cause disturbance to your family and may even put your health at risk. In worst cases, pests may even cause damage to your supposedly new home.

A pest inspection actually helps you save on costs for problems that may arise soon.


Gives you Bargaining Power

Pre-pest management will help you determine the true value of the property you are considering purchasing. Whether you're getting a decent deal on the house or not, the inspection reports will help you decide.

If pests exist, you can bargain with the seller to decrease the house price to offset what you are going to spend on pest control. Or, you are calling for discounts from sellers to cover future costs. Better still, before you close the contract, you can recommend that they complete residential pest control and give you a pest-free home.

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A pest inspection gives you the bargaining power and guarantees that you pay the house a reasonable amount.


Uncover Hidden Issues

Hidden problems may exist inside the house that may not be noticeable during the first inspection. Pest and pre-purchase building inspections will show both of these issues, giving you a full picture of the investment.

These inspections help detect flaws with the house's materials or construction and highlight possible pest issues. Based on the inspection reports, you can make an informed buying decision.


Common Household Pests to Look out During Pest Control Inspection in KL

Below are the common household pests that you need to look out for when buying a new house. Although some of these are not that damaging, many are actually the cause of major illnesses infecting children and other members of the family.


They are the most destructive pests and most home insurance plans typically do not cover the damages they cause.



Rodents like rats, nest in warm, quiet areas, and are active all year. They are active in nibbling, destroying furniture, and chewing packaging to reach food. They are known to transmit illness. 



Severe diseases, including yellow fever, Zika fever, malaria, filariasis, and dengue, are spread by mosquitoes.



Kitchens and wall cavities are the places where cockroaches love to stay. After dark, they usually come out, feed on any type of food, and bring diseases.



Ants go into houses searching for food. Sometimes ant nests are found on lawns, in warm, dry soil, and under pavements with finely powdered soil.


Final Thoughts

Regardless if it's a loan requirement or not, considering a pest inspection before purchasing a property, especially a house, is always in your best interest. 

Although the above-mentioned culprits can be searched for and removed on your own, hiring a professional pest control in KL can help you with pest management. Before you decide on making the final purchase, you can feel assured that the house is in good shape, and you can feel secure knowing you are moving into a safe, stable environment. However, you should still make sure that you follow some tips after you settle down to keep your house pest-free along with daily inspections of the pest.



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