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Why Underwater Welding Is dangerous?

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TIG welding

TIG welding

One of the most challenging and, at the same time, the dangerous profession is underwater welding. Those who like challenges and adventures choose this job eagerly for their career.

Underwater welding is a very risky job. But still, people found this profession very interesting. This profession needs specialized skills and huge training. This profession offers a high salary. Welding Hubs work in surveying, construction, and repair in both salt and freshwater. Every time is found risky when welders are in their work field. Maybe the job is demanding, but the risks are not few.

There are two methods for underwater welding jobs, such as wet underwater welding and dry underwater welding. Dry underwater welding is safe than wet welding, and welder needs more training and high experience for this welding. Wet underwater welding is done in lakes, ponds, rivers, or the ocean. But each environment is risky for the underwater welder. Here are some common risks which are faced by a welder.

 Underwater welding risks:

1. Drowning:

Drowning is a very common risk faced by an underwater welder. Every experienced welder faces this risk of drowning. Suppose you are trapped in the water flow, it’s very tough to escape from it. It usually occurs because of illness or old maintained materials such as your oxygen tank or mask. Actually, the deeper you will go, the more risk you will found. So every time of diving, they ensure that nothing is broken and every equipment is working properly.


2. Explosion:

Hydrogen and oxygen formation create gas pockets, which poses a high risk to the underwater welder. Most of the time, the lethal explosion is the result of these gas pockets. This explosion can result in high injuries, even death.


3. Decompression thickness:

Decompression thickness is a very common risk for any underwater welder. This problem can occur when the welder ascends too fast from the zone of high pressure to low pressure. Decompression thickness happens if the welders inhale toxic gases while moving from different pressure zones.


4. Hypothermia:

Most of the time, the temperature of underwater or in the deepwater gets very cold. So spending a long time in the cold water and extreme heat loss sometimes results in organ failure and metabolism issues. So it’s crucial to take well and properly insulated wetsuit of rubber for your protection and safety against extreme temperature. For safety measures, the underwater welder should always wear the necessary equipment to conduct the pressure zone easily and safely with the body.


5. Ear, Lung, and nose damage:

A welder has to spend a lot of time in the deep sea. Spending a lot of time in the deep water with high pressure can cause long-time ear, nose, and lung damage. Sometimes it results in permanent hearing impairment.


6. Electric shock:

One of the most significant risks of underwater welding is electrocution. It will happen if the welding material is not appropriately adapted under the water because water itself has little resistance. Again, it occurs if the equipment is not waterproof. So, all equipment must be waterproof and should be correctly insulated. High quality and special equipment should be used for underwater welding jobs.


7. Marine life:

The underwater welder must be aware of the wild creatures in the deep ocean, such as sharks, dolphins, whales, and other deadly creatures. Again, welding light is harmful to the plankton, which can also attack the fish as the fish’s food is plankton. Besides, these fishes and other animals can get in the way of a welder’s work, so it becomes difficult to work, and sometimes it brings dangers.

So, these are some common dangers of underwater welding. Mainly we know that water and electricity produce unpredictability of electric current in the electrode of welding. That is how the electrical fires and the result comes in death for a welder. An underwater welder works keeping their life in hand because while driving, every moment is risky. After all, it is underwater. If anything happens under the water, they can’t run away from there. Because there is a high flow in the water and welder have to wear heavy dresses and have to take any equipment with them. So, it’s tough. Especially the saltwater welding or in the ocean, this work comes with danger to a welder.

Again, there is a large number of death rates of underwater welding. Still, people found this profession very interesting and adventuring. Maybe these dangers can’t be reduced, but you can take safety in all possible ways. You need to be aware of while working.

Risk is everywhere if you are not aware of the surrounding. Again, every job field is dangerous if you are not sincere and aware of your safety. What you needed is to be aware and ensure your safety.







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