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Why Your Home Security Cameras Are Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

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So, you have finally installed the best home surveillance system at your home. Of course, you feel that your house is now secure, right!? Hold on for a minute - even the best home security cameras can become faulty and stop functioning. It is recommended to regularly maintain your security cameras. If you don't, you will be putting your home at risk and in the long run you will have no option but to purchase new ones.

When you know how to fix your security cameras, your home will always be secure. Here are the reasons why your home security cameras are missing the mark and how you can fix them;

Problem 1: Compatibility Issues Among Different Products 

Maybe you have purchased some of your surveillance products from different home security companies. If you buy security systems like a vivint doorbell camera from different home security companies, your devices may not be compatible with each other.

For instance, your video may fail to play, and your DVR may stop recording the camera footage. When you purchase home surveillance products that are not compatible with each other, they may fail to work correctly.

Fix: Purchase All Your Home Surveillance Products from One Company 

You should purchase a complete home surveillance camera system from one brand. This way, you will have no compatibility issues, and all your devices will work properly.

If purchasing a full home security camera system from one manufacturer is costly to you, then you may still buy surveillance products from different home security companies. However, you should confirm from your vendor that these devices are compatible with each other.

Problem 2: Bright Spots When Viewing the Final Video Footage 

As illustrated by Techwalla, you may notice some bright reflections when observing the final photos in your home surveillance camera system. These bright spots may make the images unclear.

Fix: Alter the Position of Either the Lights or the Security Camera 

 Home Security Cameras

Typically, you will see bright spots on your final images when your security camera directly faces either some bright light or the sun. For you to solve this problem, you should alter either the position of your security camera or the light. This way, your images will become visible.

Problem 3: Setting Up Simple Access Codes or None of Them 

All the video footage of your home security cameras are accessible to any person who can connect to the internet. Since these videos are easily accessible, criminals can find them and erase all the recorded evidence of their evil acts.

When you set up simple access codes, criminals can guess your password and hack your footage account to tamper with the recorded images. Also, robbers may choose to have a peek in your video footage and use these footage to plan how to invade your home.

Sometimes, you may open your video footage to view them, and you find out that there are no images. In such an instance, it will be a clear indication to you that someone hacked your home surveillance account.

Fix: Create Strong Passwords 

You should create strong passwords for your security cameras and network DVR so that you can safeguard the privacy of your home. When you have strong passwords, criminals will be unable to guess them. This way, they won’t be able to hack your video surveillance accounts.

You should also change your passwords frequently. Moreover, you shouldn’t share your passwords with people whom you don’t trust.

Problem 4: Incomplete Coverage

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Sometimes, your recorders and security monitors may provide incomplete coverage; since they cannot monitor a wide area. If your security cameras have a limited surveillance area, thieves can quickly break into your home through unguarded entrances.

Most low-cost home surveillance packages usually provide incomplete coverage. When you buy security cameras cheaply, they may not monitor your home effectively.

Fix: Prefer Reliability to Affordability 

For you not to compromise the security of your house, you must purchase quality home surveillance cameras which can provide full coverage. However, such security cameras may be quite costly.

It is much better to stretch your budget and purchase a reliable home surveillance system from the best home security companies. As asserted by Make Use Of, cheap home security cameras may compromise the safety of your house.

Problem 5: False Alarms 

False alarms may annoy both you and your neighbors. Also, they may make you waste a lot of time and money in trying to figure out the cause of the false alarm. Moreover, if you have a faulty surveillance system; these alarms may occur repeatedly.

Fix: Check Your Alarms Regularly 

Some of the causes of false alarms include poor installation, malfunctioning, and lack of proper maintenance of the surveillance system. For you to stop these alarms, you must check them regularly and try to fix them if you see any irregularities.


These are some of the significant problems that may make your security cameras to miss the mark. When you use these suggestions, you will be able to fix most of these problems so that you can have a well-functioning home surveillance system.

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