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6 Amazing DIY Projects For Winter | How To DIY Projects

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Winter DIY Projects For Home

Winter can be hard to get through with the cold weather making you stay indoors. Once the holidays are over, there really isn’t much to do. Although, with a little creativity, you can keep yourself busy all winter long with some DIY winter projects.

To help you get started on your crafts, we’ve put together 6 amazing DIY projects for winter. They are easy and can be done right at home with items you may have lying around your house. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started with Winter DIY Projects!

Winter  DIY Projects

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Reuse Old Candles to Make New Ones

Winter  DIY Projects


For this project, you can use old candles that have burnt down to the end of their wick and still have some wax left. It’s very easy and you can also reuse the holders that the candles came in.

All you need to do to melt the candles is place them in boiling water using tongs or pliers. Make sure you don’t fully immerse the candle. Just place it in the water enough for all the wax to melt.

Once the wax has melted you can pour it into the candle holder you plan to use for your new candle. Allow the wax to cool and you have yourself a new candle. Don’t forget to place a new wick in the candle holder before pouring the wax inside.

You can buy candles wicks at any craft or dollar store. Although, you can easily make one at home. You can make a wick with a thick piece of long cotton string that’s been soaked in melted wax.

All you need to do for this is melt a little wax and dip the cotton string into the melted wax. Once you’ve done that, allow to dry, and there you have it! A new wick for your candle.

Some other cool ideas to use for your candle are melted crayons for a vibrant color or essential oils. If you’re into wood making, you can check out Saws Hub for some neat ways to create wooden displays for your candles to sit in.

Make Your Own Gloves

Winter  DIY Projects


Another great idea is to use long socks to make fingerless gloves. Simply cut out the part of the sock where your foot goes and place the long end on your arm. Cut out a hole for your thumb to slide through. Make sure they go high enough to cover your knuckles.

You can either leave them as is or sew the seams down for a cleaner look. These are stylish and easy to make and can keep your hands warm indoors or outdoors.

Make Your Own Mittens

Winter  DIY Projects


Why go out and purchase new mittens if you have old sweaters that you don’t wear anymore. You can easily cut out mittens and sew them by hand. Unlike gloves, they don’t need to fit each finger, so making the cutouts will be very easy.

All you need to do is place your hand on the bottom of your old sweater and draw out a mitten around your hand with a marker. Cut out both sides of the sweater and sew along the edges where you made your cut. Make sure you do this for both hands.

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Super Simple DIY Mug Cozies

Winter  DIY Projects

Household Essentials

Don’t throw that old sweater away after you’ve made those mittens. You can still use it to make a cozy for your mug. Mug cozies are lovely in the winter, they are cute and keep your mug warm.

To make one, all you need to do is cut a little part off your sweater sleeve. Make sure it’s long enough to fit your mug. Next, cut out a half circle on one side of the cozy to allow your handle to poke through. And there you have it! No sewing, no stitching.

These are super easy to make and with a long sweater sleeve, you can make a few more. It’s also fun to customize your cozy by adding unique designs. You can use some super glue to add decorations of your choice.


Make an Infinity Scarf and Leg Warmers

Winter  DIY Projects

Leg Warmer

Do you have another sweater? Something else you can make out of old sweaters is leg warmers. You can do this by cutting the entire sleeves off your sweaters. Fold down the part that was cut and sew it all around. These are great for wearing around the house or over a pair of thin leggings.

A thick warm infinity scarf can be cut out of the torso area once you’re done making your leg warmers. Cut off the top of your sweater, leaving just the part for the torso. Sew both ends together and you have a nice warm infinity scarf to match those leg warmers!


Knit Your Own Arm-Knit Blanket and Scarf

This project is not as simple as the other ones listed here, although it's definitely worth the time and effort. You don’t need to know how to knit to do this. You just need thick yarn and two arms.

Arm-knit blankets are probably the quickest and easiest blankets you can make that will keep you warm and snuggly throughout winter. They are pretty expensive to buy so making one is a great way to save money and get yourself a quality gift.

The technique might look confusing at first, though once you start, it will be easy from there and you should be able to complete the entire blanket within an hour.

You can also use this technique to make warm and stylish scarves for the winter. Scarves are quicker to make so you can possibly use your time to make some for your friends and family. Nothing makes a better gift than a handmade gift.



Hopefully, with these amazing DIY projects, you’ll be able to busy yourself through the cold winter until the weather gets a bit warmer for outdoor activities.

Don’t forget to add others along in your winter crafts. Kids, especially, will love learning how to make things on their own. Have fun and stay warm!





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