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4 Best Ways Restoring Your Home After Water Damage

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Water damage can be like a nightmare. It can occur because of water leakage, bursting of pipe or flood. Water can cause massive damage to the property, and it essential to remove it.
If you live in Columbus, then follow these steps to tackle your situation of water damage in Columbus

1) Removing the standing water

The first and foremost step is to remove the water from the premises. Standing water is the central issue as it can cause damage until it is released. Remove the water within 24-48 hours.
If the water is less, remove it manually with the help of a bucket. It can be exhausting. If the water is vast, you should employ a wet, gas or electric pump to remove the water. Drain the water into a tank or the main sewer. 
Keep in mind that you follow all the safety precaution while removing water. You may even hire a professional company to aid you.  

2) Dry the place completely 

After removing water, it is essential that the place is wholly dried and there no traces of water are left. Ensure that the area is well ventilated. Open all the windows and fans so that moisture does not develop.
If the place is not dried immediately, then the moisture and dampness may attract mold. Mold can grow within 48 hours of water damage. Mold is infectious to us as it can cause damage to your lungs, and you may even develop asthma in a worse scenario. It can grow on all surfaces such as clothes, wooden flooring, glass, plastic etc. 
Install dehumidifiers to fasten up the process further. If you have a centralized cooling/heating system, then you switch it on if possible. The faster the place is dried, the lesser the damage. All those things that can be used and are wet must be kept in the sun to dry quickly. 

3) Inform your insurance company

You must call your insurance company and report to them about your issue. First, you need to explain to them about the situation and what type of loss has occurred. Then, listen to them carefully and answer all the questions asked by them precisely so that they can provide you with the best possible options.
Once you have reported your issue, they will inform you about the further process, including the documents needed, the next step etc. Please list all the essential information and documents that are told by them and required in the process. Take pictures and make a video of the place before restoration as they will provide strength to your case and fetch your claims better in case your insurance claim denied by the company.
The company may even send an adjuster to conduct an onsite assessment about the damage that occurred. In case you have a hired professional restoration company, then they will handle your adjuster for you. 

4) Hire a good restoration company 

Water damage affects several segments of your house. It includes your furnishing, flooring, carpeting, drywall, and much more. A good restoration company can be of great help as they are specialized in more than one segment mentioned above. As a result, it saves time and reduces your stress.
There are several companies in the market dealing with such services, and it is essential to understand your need and then hire the company. Few things you should keep in mind before hiring a company are:
The company and the professional are both certified and insured. 
The experience they have in this field
Past projects they have worked upon and the success rate 
Testimonials of the clients  
Choose a company that fulfils your need and falls under your budget. 

Last few words!

Take the steps immediately to reduce the damage several fold. Handling such a situation requires experience and sometimes specialized tools too. It is wise to hire a professional water damage restoration company as they can quickly resolve your problem.  
They can also talk to your insurance adjuster and further streamline the process for you. Do not give up! The process is slow and will take time, and you need to be patient and believe that everything will be fine soon.