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40 Tips That Can Make Your Essay Brilliant

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It feels so good to write superior contents with excellent grades and full of knowledge and content, but that's only a dream for many. It's not because we don't have the talent or skills; it's because we sometimes just ignore some basic things while writing our essays. Those tips on simple adjustments can make a massive change in your essay. If you struggle to write winning essays, here are 40 powerful tips you can find very helpful.

  • Take some time and think about the topic for at least half an hour daily or more: Taking some time before writing keeps your mind fresh and relaxed. It is also imperative to think about the topic because it helps you get ideas that can help solve the problem.
  • Read the instruction carefully: This is very obvious; but, we often ignore this step. The instructions contain the main points of your essay and help you to develop your writing on them.
  • Work on your essay after finishing all the other assignments for that day: If you are writing your essay with a tired mind, chances are high; your essay will be awful. So, it's better to budget enough time to work on your paper when you're free.
  • Select your own topic: If you are assigned to write an essay on a particular topic, it is better to use your own ideas for your essay. Although you have to stick to the topic and instructions given by your instructor, if you still want to write an essay on the topic of your interest, it is better to make a nice connection between the topic and the instructions.
  • Use concrete words: Concrete words are the ones that can be seen or felt. For example, use 'The dog chased the cat' instead of 'The pursuit was carried out by dogs.'

40 Quick Tips to Get Started Now

  1. Take breaks while writing an essay to avoid writer’s block
  2. Spend some time doing self-writing and free writing to master the basics
  3. Revise your essay thoroughly before submitting or use accounting writing service
  4. Use transition words and phrases to link ideas in your essay
  5. Use active voice in your essay
  6. Use quotations and citations whenever necessary in your essay
  7. Make an outline before writing your essay
  8. Edit thoroughly
  9. Do not repeat yourself
  10. Understand your audience before beginning to write an essay
  11. Get a clear idea of the topic
  12. Use good quality paper to write your essay
  13. Do not neglect punctuation marks while writing an essay
  14. Choose the best font for your essay
  15. Determine the purpose of writing a specific type of essay and keep it in mind while writing the essay
  16. Study the subject well
  17. Use strong and effective words in your essay.
  18. Organize your essay logically by using a thesis statement, supporting ideas, and conclusion
  19. Introduce your essay with an attention-grabbing title
  20. Analyze how you select your topic and determine the purpose of writing an essay
  21. Use a suitable tone while writing an essay (formal, informal, or somewhere in between)
  22. Make a draft before writing an essay and fix all the mistakes found in it.
  23. Keep a dictionary at hand while writing an essay
  24. Study other essays written by experts and note down what makes them good
  25. Study the formats of essays and use them while writing your own essay
  26. Learn how to structure an essay: introduction, body, and conclusion
  27. Avoid using complex words while writing an essay
  28. Always use citations and quotations when needed in an essay
  29. Read sample essays, if possible.
  30. Stay calm and do not rush while writing an essay
  31. Keep your instructions in mind while writing an essay
  32. Be aware of terms that are frequently used while writing an essay
  33. Use a logical organization while writing an essay
  34. Identify the purpose of your essay before beginning to write it
  35. Read and understand the assignment of your essay
  36. Analyze the possible purposes of writing an essay and clarify it in mind while writing an essay
  37. Analyze the given topic and then write an essay on it.
  38. Do not try to be like others; express your ideas in a way that others can easily understand.
  39. Do not use first person (I, me) in your essay unless it is a personal narrative
  40. Avoid using generalities while writing an essay


Different Types of Essays

Before starting to write any written piece, it is important to know the kind of essay you are dealing with. In academic writing, there are many different types of essays that serve varied purposes. The following is a list of common kinds:

  • Descriptive essay draws parallels concerning two different things or objects, providing a comparison between them (e.g., describe how the sky and ocean look similar).
  • Persuasive essay aims to show that a particular idea, concept, or opinion is more meaningful and viable than others.
  • Argumentative essay aims to prove the validity of an argument by showing its positive and negative sides (e.g., why you should choose a job over unemployment).
  • Narrative essay presents the story and events that have changed or influenced the writer's life.
  • Expository essay aims to show a given topic or theme (e.g., describe how technological advancement affects different parts of our lives).
  • Descriptive research paper intends to convey information in an attractive, well-organized manner (e.g., describe how a certain medication works).
  • Cause and effect research paper describes the event that takes place as a result of a single action (e.g., describe how money affects human behavior).
  • Compare and contrast research paper compares two or more things to show similarities and differences (e.g., compare different types of mobile phones available in the market).
  • Thesis/Dissertation Ph.D. paper is a kind of research paper that introduces the thesis or dissertation (e.g., describes and analyzes how a tree grows).
  • Argumentative essay Ph.D. paper may teach us something new by arguing its pros and cons (e.g., describe the pros of living in a big city).


The Bottom Line

Always keep in mind that there are many different types of essays (even M.A and Ph.D. essays). It is very important to know about the essay type you will be writing before you begin writing it.



Essay writing is an integral part of any student’s development though some students struggle with it, something which may boil down to depression in worst case scenarios. This guide outlines 40 tips to make essay writing brilliant.







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