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5 Reasons to Carry A Flashlight Everyday

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Why Carry A Flashlight Everyday

If you are not currently carrying a flashlight, you are probably unaware of all the benefits you can gain by having one with you. From emergency situations to finding items in your everyday life, there are plenty of reasons to carry a reliable, high-quality flashlight with you. Read on for a list of the 5 main reasons to carry a flashlight with you everyday.


Find Your Belongings

Dropping items in between the seats of your car or other hard to reach places can happen at the most inconvenient times. Although you could use the flashlight on your phone, it will not be able to illuminate a space as well as an actual flashlight. When you are in a hurry and trying to find something quickly, you will be thankful for the stronger light to help you locate your lost item. Also, if it is your phone that you lost you will have no light to use to find it without a flashlight.


Power Outages

Flashlight Everyday

During a power outage at home you will likely have lanterns to use, but they can be hard to locate with no light. Having a flashlight on hand can help you find lanterns and anything else you will need during a power outage. A flashlight can also help get you to your breaker box to get the electricity back on. This is another time you will not want to use your phone light since you will want to preserve your battery while the power is out.


Helping Others

Carry A Flashlight

You never know when someone you are with will get into a situation where they will need a flashlight. Whether it is a stranger needing a light to see under the hood of their car, or your friend trying to find a lost item, these situations come up all the time in everyday life. This friend or stranger will be grateful for you offering them your flashlight.

Easily Spotted

As much as flashlights are good at helping you see things, they are also good at helping you be seen. Flashing your light when you are out walking at night can help traffic spot you and avoid you. A high quality flashlight such as a Fenix flashlight, is much more likely to be seen than the dim light of your phone.


Peace Of Mind

It is inevitable that you will find yourself walking alone at night, even if you are someone who avoids this. When this happens to you, you will be glad that you have a flashlight with you to help you be more aware of your surroundings. Although a phone light could somewhat illuminate your surroundings, if you are walking home after a long day your phone battery could be dead. Having a flashlight with a long run time such as a Fenix light, will give you the peace of mind you need when being out at night alone.


If you are someone who is not already carrying a flashlight with you everyday, we hope this list convinces you of all the benefits there are to having one with you. Carrying a flashlight in a bag or pocket will allow you to be more prepared when these situations arise, but most importantly give you peace of mind.