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7 Living Room Decorating Layouts, Decor Ideas & Themes You Need To Try

How Can I Decorate My ​Living Room?

​The Best Living Loom Decor Ideas is the heart of your house, and it needs the most attention. Your living room is the place which is going to be used most frequently. Your guests are going to sit there; your family is going to be there most of the time; therefore, it should have trendy yet convenient décor.

A living room also sets the tone of the rest of the house. You can judge the entire house by the way its living room is kept. It should be classy and comfortable at the same time. Most importantly, it should be clean and not cluttered.

While decorating the living room, you should remember that the décor should resonate with the essentials of your personality. It should reflect your aesthetics and choices, so it feels like the space truly belongs to you.

Set a theme of your living room, so it becomes easy for you to decide about the furniture you are going to buy and in what color. Bath built furniture is an excellent choice in the house and will make the place look classy.

If you are looking for more exciting living room layout ideas, here are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.

Best Living Loom Decor Ideas

1.   The Main Highlight

Best Living Loom Decor Ideas

Living Room

Every room has a focal point, and every living room has one as well. It is the point that is the highlight of the room. You decorate your room around this point, so it makes the process quite easy. On the other hand, the focal point also depends on the way you want your living room to look like.

Usually, it is the TV in the room that dictates how the furniture will be set. However, if you don’t want the TV to be the central point, that’s okay. In an alternative way, you can make the fireplace a focal point in the entire layout. Place a mirror or an artwork over the mantelpiece as it will look very effective in a room where there is no technology or TV. If your living room is for reading or relaxing, the fireplace as the focal point.

2.   Add Storage to the Layout

Best Living Loom Decor Ideas


A very famous layout idea consists of storage spaces in the room. You can add living room storage solutions into the living room. One of my favorite ways to add storage space is using the built-in window seat. Add drawers under the seat, so it makes a fantastic place to put your books or magazine as you are sitting there.

Another popular way to add storage space is by creating built-in shelves. These shelves can be on each side of a window, or they can cover the entire wall. This shelf can have a variety of drawers etc. If you use your living room as a reading point, you can put all your books on the shelf. Otherwise, it won’t look bad to decorate the shelf with vintage pieces.

3.    Put the Sofas around the TV

Best Living Loom Decor Ideas

Room Decor

If you have a TV in your living room, then you can put the furniture around it. You can put your sofas in a way that they surround the TV. Even if you don’t want the sofas to surround the TV, you can act as the Sheldon coopers sofas layout in the famous TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

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This is a casual and common layout in many houses. The thing about this layout is that it is comfortable and convenient. If you have a big family, then choosing this layout will be a good idea as the room can then accommodate everyone. Another option would be to put a sectional sofa in front of the TV and one big armchair beside it.

4.   Use Lighting to Create Concentrated Zones

Best Living Loom Decor Ideas

Room Decor Ideas

I love the rooms that use lighting to create their own tiny zones. It creates a very soothing effect and makes you want to stay in there forever.

Put floor lamps or table lamps in your living room. You can control these lights with a dimmer. A pendant light will look striking in a traditional way, especially when placed in a symmetrical room with a chimney. An arching floor lamp will act as a visual feature, and you can move it around whenever you want to.

5.   Factor Mirrors in the Room

Best Living Loom Decor Ideas

Living Room Ideas

You won’t be the first or the last person to use mirrors in your living room, but that doesn’t mean that the mirrors will look any less chic. Mirrors are great when it comes to making the room appear well-lit or bigger. If your living room is small, that gives you another reason to use the mirrors.

You can make your mirrors the key focus of your room and design everything around them. Start by putting a large mirror on a wall, preferably across your window. This will help more light to bounce in the room. If you want to add a dramatic touch, place a long mirror behind the artificial lighting. It will create the illusion of another space beyond your living room.

6.   Minimal and Comfortable

Best Living Loom Decor Ideas

Living Room Decor

You can play it safe and design your living room in a minimal and comfortable fashion.

Minimalist design is not something new. Many people have been following this trend for a while now. The best thing about minimalism is that you can put a few furniture pieces and you are done.

The thing with minimalism is that you need to choose the furniture carefully. You have a limited option. It means that whatever energy you want your room to have, you don’t have a lot of possibilities here. The furniture you put in the room should be classy. You can add some green color with fresh indoor plants.

7.   Modern Country Casual

Best Living Loom Decor Ideas

Living Room Styles

Style design is all about cozy conversation areas; a place where the entire family can get together and enjoy.

Put a small table in the room and pair it with two cozy armchairs. This way, the layout will allow you to play some board games or read a book. Put two small sofas, so they are facing each other. The TV in the room is not as important so you can place it in a built-in rack in the wall.

Design your living room layout with the help of these ideas, and you won’t be disappointed!

Lists of 14 Most Popular Living Room Styles & Themes

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Mid-century
  • Beach Style
  • Transitional
  • Asian
  • Mediterranean
  • Tropical
  • Mediterranean
  • Southwestern
  • Scandinavian
  • Rustic
  • Farmhouse

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