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Must-have Woodworking Hand Tools For Your Workshop

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What stops others from starting a woodworking business is their worry that they may not afford to buy all the necessary things they need for the shop. The truth is starting a woodworking shop doesn’t require a fortune. You just need 5 basic tools.
When you decide to have a woodworking business, you will need a woodworking business plan to lead you. This plan will serve as a guide on how to identify the cost you need to run your business. Included on this plan are the costs you will need to invest on your workshop place, workers, machines and tools. This plan will help you identify which woodworking hand tools you need for your business.
On this article, the basic wood working hand tools you need for your workshop will be discussed. You should choose a business plan that includes these tools because it will help you in having an idea on the cost you will need to spend on your tools.
Below you will see the list of basic woodworking hand tools that you will need for your woodworking workshop (No. 5). These basic tools are what you need in making any woodworking project. These woodworking hand tools are not expensive so you should not worry about it.

1. Claw hammer

TEKTON 30123 Jacketed Fiberglass Claw Hammer
TEKTON 30123 Jacketed Fiberglass Claw Hammer – Via Amazon.com

This is what you will use most of the time. You will use it in fastening pieces of wood. You will also use this tool in removing nails from wood that may lead to danger especially for those who aren’t wearing safety boots at work. Make sure that you buy a hammer that has high quality and that is well balanced. You will use this tool in most of your projects so do not hesitate to invest in a best claw hammer available in the market.

2. Screwdriver

Felo 07157 22155 Slotted and Phillips Wood Handle Screwdrivers
Felo 07157 22155 Slotted and Phillips Wood Handle Screwdrivers – Via Amazon.com

This tool is used in driving or removing screws. It is used in various projects such as used to fasten pieces of wood with the use of screws or to detach pieces of wood. The types of screwdrivers used in woodworking are common (slot), Phillip (star) and Robertson (square). These screwdrivers are available in your local stores that sell supplies for woodworking. Make sure to buy those that are in sets. These sets have all the sizes you need for different projects.

3. C-clamp or g-clamp

CAMVATE 2″ Quick-Grip C-Clamp G Clamp Set fr Carpenters / Woodworker / Engineers – Via Amazon.com

This tool is needed for various woodworking tasks. It is called c-clamp if it is shaped like C. It is called g-clamp if it is shaped like G. Both clamps are used for the same purpose. You will use this tool in holding a piece of wood. You will also need it with handheld circular saw. You will also need this clamp in holding pieces of wood after applying glue.

4. Handheld circular saw

Circular Saw with Laser Indicator
Circular Saw with Laser Indicator – Via Amazon.com

This tool is used for cutting woods and other materials. This circular saw is used with electricity or gasoline engine. It has a blade to cut woods. It will save you time and effort because it makes sawing easy. It has all the technique of sawing.

5. Measuring tape

Stanley 33-425 Powerlock 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape - Original
Measuring Tape – Via Amazon.com

This tool is usually ignored but this is greatly needed and should be included in your list. Although you may not need it most of the time, it will make you frustrated if you don’t have it in times you need it. Buy a measuring tape that is retractable and of high quality. It should be long to measure any woodworking projects you have.
These tools are included in the list of both new and established workshops. You can start your woodworking business with these tools. Consider the tools listed above as vital part of your investment. Know your goals, the variety of projects you will accept for your business and the tools you need to work on those projects. There are more tools you will need but these are the basic ones that should be present when you are starting your business. As your skills improve and as your business grow, you may need to buy more complex and more expensive tools that can make tasks a lot easier for you.
Keep in mind that in choosing the best tools for your workshop, you should not base it according to price. Not all expensive tools are better. You should choose according to the quality.





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