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7 Practical & Creative Things To Do With Extra Boxes At Home | DIY Boxes

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Cardboard Boxes Uses

Cardboard Boxes Uses

Creative Things To Do With Extra Boxes At Home or Office | DIY Boxes

It's almost an automatic response to a lot of people to open a box when they see one. Curiosity is a natural part of being a human, and that's the reason why a lot of people would want to take a peek when there's a box lying around. Humans associate boxes as an element of surprise; a mystery waiting to be opened.

Throughout the years, the usage of cardboard boxes increased. Usually, boxes are used to store items safely. Another thing that you can do with boxes is to use it for birthday presents and gifts under the Christmas tree. Moms use boxes to keep things such as toys stored in an orderly manner. Boxes also make transportation of things easier and more convenient.

Some people need customized boxes for their current needs. That's why there are companies like Bolt Boxes that offer custom-designed boxes that meet their customers' specifications. Bolt Boxes can also custom print your boxes to make them stand out from the plain-brown-box crowd.

Besides storage, boxes can be used in a lot of ways, including uses in agriculture and entertainment. Here are five practical ways to use your extra boxes at home.

7 Practical Uses Of Cardboard Boxes

1. File Divider

DIY Boxes

DIY Boxes

Do you have a lot of files in your workspace? If you have an extra box lying around, you can repurpose it into a file divider. Making a file divider is especially helpful when you're trying to organize your tax files and receipts. You can unleash your creativity in this project by designing your file divider with whatever designs that you want. Make sure to label your divider properly with markers or printed labels.

2. Cosplay Costumes

Dedicated cosplayers usually use 3D printed materials for their costumes. These 3D printed materials will be better aesthetically and can is more durable and lighter than other materials. However, 3D printing props can take a lot of effort (in designing) and funds.

If you're a cosplayer who just started out or in a tight budget, using cardboard boxes is one of the best options out there. With the right spray painting and designing, you can build a lightweight and passable cosplay prop. Before you wear your cosplay costume, make sure that the paint is completely dry.

3. Compost Material



The majority of the materials used in cardboard boxes are organic. Therefore, these boxes can be made as a great compost material. In order to make compost out of cardboard boxes, you first need to shred the material (to make the decomposition faster) with other high-carbon materials such as dead leaves, old hay, and straw. After that, add materials that are rich with nitrogen such as manure, spoiled vegetables, fruit peels, or grass clippings.

The next step is to add layers of soil in the top of it. Keep the pile moist by adding water and turn the compost pile every five days. In about eight months, the compost pile is ready to be used in your garden. Corrugated cardboard boxes, flat cardboard, and wax-coated cardboard are the usual materials used in composting. Remove the stickers and tapes attached.

4. Controlling Pests

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Pests are probably one of the most annoying thing in the garden. They destroy plants or disrupt their growth. You can use cardboard boxes to protect fruits or young plants against pests. Surround the plant or the fruit with a customized cardboard box to prevent pests from touching your garden. Not only will it guard young plants against pests, but the box will also act as a shield against animals such as deers and rodents.

Cardboard boxes are also very useful in keeping weeds in your garden minimal. All you have to do is to put cardboard boxes in places where the weeds grow a lot. This will prevent the weeds to receive enough sunlight to thrive. In addition, the cardboard box can be used as a DIY walkway in your garden.

5. Signs And Labels

Signs And Labels

Signs And Labels

Last but not least, you can use cardboard boxes as signs and labels since it is already sturdy and is unlikely to wear out fast. Stick a white paper or any light paper in the surface of the cardboard box and write your sign or label. Some boxes already have lighter surfaces, which is better if you're using these for signs.


6. Inexpensive Mobile Pet House

Just check out this Picture for fun and we will let you be creative on your own πŸ™‚

Cheap Moving Boxes

Cheap Moving Boxes


7. Gift Box Repackage

Cardboard Boxes for Sale

Cardboard Boxes for Sale

There are hundreds of other uses of cardboard boxes but out of 8 lists, we included this in last not for any particular reason. But gift package using cardboard boxes are very common all around the world and reusing the same box with new gift wrap package is just simple yet awesome idea which saves money, time, energy.

Boxes are amazing products. They help us ship and store so conveniently. Hold on to a few when they come to your home or business. You never know when you will need them.

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