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A Complete Guide To How Double Glazing Works

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How Does Double Glazing Work?

If you live in Glasgow, you’re no stranger to cold and unpredictable weather. While you can’t change the climate, you can change how it affects you and your home. Enter double-glazed windows!

With the help of double glazing, Glasgow residents can enjoy warmer, quieter, and safer homes. Of course, you should know how it works before you trust it.

Keep reading to find out all about the science behind double glazing Glasgow and how it can help your home.

Double Glazing Works window

What is Double Glazing?

First, let’s answer the most important question. What exactly is this technique?

Double glazing is the procedure of creating a window with two panels instead of one. The primary purpose is to create an insulated glass unit (IGU) between the two panels. This unit is framed by timber, aluminium, or uPVC. 

The IGU relies on a space bar to create an air gap between the two glass panels. Then, the gap is filled with Argon gas. Sounds pretty interesting, but what is it all for?

While its primary aim is better insulation, double-glazed windows also dampen sound, prevent condensation, and offer more hardiness. These windows performed so well that it became mandatory for all new windows to be minimum double-glazed C-rated in 2002.


  • Reduces energy bills in the long run
  • Increases your home’s resale value
  • Prevents condensation and mould growth
  • Retains warmth in your home
  • Absorbs external noise like traffic and sirens


  • They can be troublesome in the summer
  • Not ideal for homes with older architectural styles
  • They cannot be repaired
  • High initial cost


How Does Double Glazing Work?

Double-glazed windows mainly rely on their IGU to offer any benefits. Whether it’s thermal insulation or noise reduction, it would be impossible without this small air gap. This gap is usually 0.6 to 1.2 cm wide.

Here’s how it contributes to each benefit.


Noise Reduction

It’s no secret that dense objects are better at absorbing sound waves than thinner ones. The same goes for windows. 

First, the sound waves have three layers to travel through instead of one: the outer glass, Argon gas, and the inner glass. The best part? The multiple layers aren’t the only thing preventing the sound from coming through.

The waves have to pass through Argon gas, which has a 34% slower transfer rate. By the time it passes the inner glass and into your home, the noise will be diminished. 

Even more, double-glazed windows are thicker than average windows. That means they can absorb even more sound and make your home quieter.


Condensation Control

When cold air or snow touches the outer glass of your window, it creates water droplets on the inner glass. Not only is it damp and unpleasant, but it also fosters mould growth. By double glazing in Glasgow, you won’t have to worry about either issue.

That’s because the spacer bar in a double-glazed window contains a crystalline desiccant. That’s just a fancy word for the little packet that comes with a new pair of shoes! 

When condensation manifests inside the IGU, the crystalline desiccant will draw out the moisture. Its main aim is to keep that air gap dry at all times. 


Better Insulation

When it comes to double glazing, Glasgow residents mostly install these windows for more warmth. The city can have pretty harsh winters, and these windows can help reduce heat loss. 

Unlike a single-paned window, the cold air would have to pass through the thermal cushion and insulating air in the IGU. So, it doesn’t really “trap” the heat in your home. Instead, it drastically slows down the speed of the heat transfer. 

First, the cold air outside your home will hit the outer glass. Then, instead of transferring the temperature to the inner glass, it will move to the Argon gas layer. 

Luckily, the heat transfer rate of Argon is 34% lower than regular air. That means you can enjoy your warm home a little longer! 



There’s no doubt that double glazing in Glasgow is a clever way to combat the city’s harsh winters. But it also contributes to noise reduction, energy efficiency, and other unique benefits. Now that you’ve learned the process of double glazing, Glasgow has many contractors to help you install your new windows and enjoy the perks. 







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