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How To Achieve The Perfection While Performing That One DIY Project Of Yours

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diy project

diy project

Thus, you have decided to try your new automation idea. Congratulations then, we believe that the result will amaze you and your family. But to ensure your project will be perfect, we would like to share with you some ideas.

When trying to complete a DIY automation project, you need to consider plenty of things. But to be more precise, we better provide you with some automation examples and highlight what are the main aspects to consider.

Choose a Proper Actuator System

Whatever automation project you have in your mind, you need to get actuators that are suitable. You can check here for the entire variety. Sometimes, some parameters might be not completely clear to a beginner. If it happens, do not hesitate to contact the company from which you are going to buy an item. Some companies can even be reached online in a chat. Others can be reached via email. In the very end, if you do not find any option to contact a company, look for a different manufacturer.

Thus, those parameters that you need to consider are the following:

  • The stroke length of an actuator – it shall be able to move at the distance that is needed for your project to function.
  • The power of the device – the actuator shall be able to handle the weight of the item. Otherwise, your project will not work or even pose a danger to your health.
  • Sometimes, the actuator speed might be important. In some applications, you do not need the actuator to move fast. While for some projects, it might be more important.
  • Noise! While for a kitchen, some noise generation might be acceptable, for a bedroom of an office, excessive noise is not wished at all.
  • Accuracy level: if you want to create a perfect item, you will want to get an actuator with the top accuracy level. However, this value might vary. It all depends on the project.

You can prioritize these requirements based on your specific project. But it is always better if you can find an actuator that complies with all these requirements at least.

Now, we can check some specific features to consider if you want to make your DIY projects perfect.


Details to Pay Attention to When Automating a Desk

A height-adjustable desk does not surprise anybody nowadays. You can either buy one or build one on your own.

In the second case, some things shall be considered. For example, if you have a desk with cabinets that you want to convert into a height-adjustable item, check whether you need the cabinets. If yes, you do not need to disassemble them. Just leave them where they are. You might need to pain or polish them though.

Another important detail to consider is the design of a lift system for your desk. The lift system will be seen. Thus, it shall match your interior. Its colour, style shall not break the interior of the place where your new adjustable desk is going to be installed.


Things to Check when Automating Your Kitchen

A kitchen is a special place where the magic happens. Thus, it shall be equipped in a special way, too. You might have already learned about those rotatable racks for spices, platforms to lift and lower domestic items, lift and drop shelves, and similar. That is why here, we would like to focus your attention on some details that will make your project look different and provide you with additional benefits.

Are you going to install a lift platform for your new coffee machine? Yes, it will liberate a lot of space, and you will still have your coffee machine. But in this case, you have one detail to check.

Does the platform lower till the bottom of a drawer? Because if not, you can use the free space to store things there. You can install a small shelf or one more support there and make your lift system lift it all above the tabletop if you need something from there. For that, choose an actuator that has a longer stroke. Also, its power shall be higher (check the weight of the shelf and items that might be stored there).


What About Some Unusual Details in your Living Room?

While you might not have planned it at all but a nice rotatable shelf in your living room can complement the décor. Moreover, you can change the interior depending on your mood just by changing some elements on the shelf.

Now, let us explain the idea in detail. A rotatable shelf exposes one side, and when you push the button, it exposes the other side. On one side, you can install something that does not distract and stimulates your productivity. For example, some abstract painting reproductions would be fine for this purpose.

The other side can have some candles, lights, even flowers or a decorative fountain – whatever that can make you relax.

Now, when you want to relax, rotate the shelf in a way to make it expose the “relaxing” side. Even such a small change in the interior will create a proper environment.

And when you want to concentrate, make the shelf rotate to expose the “working” side. With such a shelf, you can change the environment and, accordingly, your mood whenever you need it.


Final Thoughts

A DIY automation project is always not a simple task. You shall consider plenty of the smallest details every time you are building something on your own. Moreover, all those details are in most cases unique, those that would never appear if you were producing products for mass consumption. However, all those details make your DIY project unique.

Now, when you know some basics, you can already forecast what is waiting for you when you decide to create an automated item on your own. Are you still willing to move on with it? If yes, we believe that it will be one of the best projects ever. Just make sure you consider all the tips and pay attention to the smallest details.







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