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Clean Up Your Junk With Ease

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Junk removal is a tedious process, and people often tend to procrastinate over it. This procrastination results in piles and piles of junk just rotting away in their storage space. The trash may consist of old television, computer, plastic bottles, old pipes, and broken furniture.

There are many levels and types of trash or junk that needs cleaning. Suppose a weather phenomenon like a tornado struck your area, strong winds pile up the trash debris in your backyard, and it is impossible to remove them without the necessary pieces of equipment. Or you have just renovated your house, and now there are boxes full of broken furniture and other concrete debris lying in your garage. It is wise to ring up a junk removal expert in such cases and seek their help to enhance the overall appeal of your house.  EZ Woodstock Junk Removal is 5.0 stars rated, trusted junk removal service that assists you in junk removal from your house or workspace.

The Process Of Removing Junk

The process of removing junk from your household is made very easy to ensure customer satisfaction. There are four steps involved right from contacting the company to the disposal of the trash.


Analyze Your Junk And Ask For A Quote

Sorting your junk into different categories like appliances, debris, etc. helps get an accurate quote from the company.  Make sure the company gives you an appropriate price quote per cubic meter for the junk. If they refuse to provide a quote, they might be looking to scam you. Usually, the companies send in an estimator who measures and gives you a free quote. 

Most services provide a price quote initially, giving you the freedom to refuse the facilities if the price does not fit your budget. The quoted amount is the final price and does not contain any hidden charges.


Schedule An Appointment For The Cleaning

After the quote is agreed upon, the company representative calls-in to schedule an appointment; they provide flexibility in selecting time and date as per your schedule. Some are even willing to work on Sundays or during the early morning hours. In most cases, they are available to pick up the waste on the same day as well. The employees come in the company uniform after calling-in 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time.


Junk Collection Facilities

Junk removal is not an easy task. The team of experienced employees comes prepared with pieces of equipment to handle all possible situations. They know what could go wrong in the process; hence they come prepared to handle the worst scenario. The examiner surveys the property before the clean-up to prepare the collectors and equip them as per the surroundings. Depending on the type of junk, they bring in proper lifting devices and trolleys.

Few companies also offer whole property cleanouts and dumpster renting services. Property cleanouts are recommended when you are looking to clean out the entire property before moving into a new home or selling your old house.

When you are looking forward to a massive remodeling job, it is advisable to rent out a dumpster to remove the debris daily. These dumpsters are emptied on a daily basis by the company employees.

These haulers collect several types of junk as per the state compliances. The items range from electrical appliances, carpets, old mattresses, furniture, building, office furniture, water tanks, construction debris, E-waste, backyard junk, scrap material, and old tires. The company also ensures to develop an insurance policy to secure you from a monetary loss that may occur due to an accident during the clean-up process.


Disposing Of The Collected Waste

Correct disposal of the collected waste is crucial, and the company must comply with the environmental rules. The company should discuss the disposal measures with its customers. It is perceived that 60% of the collected waste materials go in for recycling, and others are processed before their disposal in landfills. Most plastic and wood waste goes into recycling, while appliances like television, refrigerators, computers, and other electronic waste are sent for processing before dumping in landfills.

EZ Woodstock Junk Removal is an expert in junk removal with years of hands-on experience. Their employees possess the skills and knowledge to handle whatever situation may come during the clean-ups. They are among the best in business and stand apart in the quality of the services offered. The company is insured, and the trucks are labeled and clean. They do clean-ups of hazardous materials as well!

They also donate whatever junk they can and dispose of the others with proper handling. Their employees are drug tested and screened, and they also offer referrals. To take advantage of clean-up contracts that are hassle-free and provide guaranteed satisfaction, call EZ Woodstock Junk Removal at (770) 8692952 and book an appointment now!



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