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lady ready to clean

lady ready to clean

Cleaning is often considered a dull and monotonous task. However, the benefits of a clean house can easily triumph over a lack of motivation. A cluttered, messy home is likely to display several problems. Your stress levels may go high, or your productivity may take a hit. But more importantly, a dirty house can present a threat to your wellbeing as well.

When talking about cleanliness, keeping your entire house clean is essential. Nevertheless, there will be specific rooms and areas that may require prioritization. These include your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and flooring. Here are some popular methods to keep your house sparkling clean.


Your bathroom is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and microbes. The bathroom cleaning process includes scouring the floor and other installed components. For this, you will require an all-purpose cleaning solution. You can buy one or prepare a DIY solution as well. You can use the solution to mop the floor and clean the present ceramics. Moreover, to rid the sink and toilet of stains, a baking soda paste is expected to help.



The flooring and carpet come in a close second to the number of germs they harbor. Every time you step inside your house, you track different harmful microbes, such as E. coli and other bacteria. Although leaving your shoes at the door may help, your floor still requires regular cleaning. The act of brooming and mopping your flooring daily and a weekly wash would warrant a safe and clean floor.

Vacuuming your carpets can help temporarily. However, hiring professionals for thorough cleaning is recommended. Life in Washington can get busy, but professionals — especially carpet cleaning services in Spokane Valley, have always got you covered.



When it comes to germ/microbe density, some kitchens can put even bathrooms to shame. Sanitizing your kitchen sink should be your main priority. Wipe your sink clean with a sterilizing solution daily. Doing so would prevent bacteria from different foods to accumulate in the sink. Additionally, what do you use to wipe off the bacteria-filled leftovers on your dishes? A sponge. Yes, the sponge is likely to contain an insurmountable amount of microbes. Therefore, microwaving or heating your sponge daily — is strongly advised.

Once done with the sink, the rest is easy. You can clean the countertop by scrubbing it with hot water, followed by a mild vinegar solution and water. Furthermore, emptying your fridge and cleaning every few months is also recommended. The same hot water and vinegar solution is usable for the process.



Since the living room is where you and your family spend most of your time, it is also home to different germs. Start with wiping clean the items and spots accessed by everyone frequently. Using a sterilizing solution is recommended; if not, a dilute bleach solution will also suffice. To avoid damaging sensitive components such as your TV, brush away the dust with a microfiber cloth. Cleaning the couch and chairs can be done with the aid of a professional sofa cleaning to remove bacteria.

A vacuum cleaner can also save your couch from bacteria and stain — if you clean it off right away. As for switches and cabinet handlings, disinfect them regularly with a sanitizing solution.



The bedroom is the comfort zone for most individuals. Hence, for many people, the bedroom could be where they spend most of their time. Whether in bed or your desk, keeping your room clean is all the more imperative. Washing your bed sheets every often, and more frequently if suffering from an illness, is vital. Check this article covering non toxic bedding if you're concerned about any illnesses and potential harm from having bad bed sheets. Organizing and setting aside your dirty clothes for laundry is necessary.

As much as we may love our pets, keeping their cleanliness in check is due importance. It is also advised not to eat in your bedroom. Miniscule crumbs and food particles can attract a variety of bacteria and fungi. We don’t want that now, do we? Other cleanable items include your desk and computer. Scrub away the stains on your desk, while a vacuum cleaner can help you clean your computer.



A clean house paves the way for a healthier lifestyle. Incorporating the methods mentioned above for cleanliness is probable to keep you and your family safe from falling ill. And admit it. Nobody likes seeing a doctor, let alone paying their medical bills. Then why not minimize your chances of visiting the hospital for a small price and some effort? 






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