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Should I Recycle My Car Battery

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car battery

Car battery

After a few years, it’s time to retire your car battery. Most batteries last about three years, while others may only last two years or may last longer. Because of the toxic elements of lead acid batteries, it’s important to follow proper battery recycling methods. Find out where to go to recycle your battery and purchase a new one today.

How To Properly Dispose of Your Car Battery

When you’re determined it’s time to replace your battery, it’s important to remove and dispose of it properly. This will help prevent spilled battery acid and exposure to harmful lead plates. First, prepare to remove your battery by wearing the right safety gear. Gloves and eye protection prevent spilling or splashing battery acid from causing burns or other injuries.

Disconnect the negative battery cable, being sure to never touch both terminals at once. After fully removing the negative cable, remove the positive battery cable from the terminal. The negative terminal is typically black or gray, while the positive cable is red.

Fully inspect your car battery for signs of leaking, cracking or other issues. There may be corrosion around the terminals, so use caution when removing them. When in doubt, you can always bring your vehicle to an auto parts store for safe removal. Once removed, always store an old battery upright. Older batteries don’t have sealed lids, so they may leak if you tip them over. If you suspect an acid leak, store your used battery in a plastic bag until you can take it to an auto parts store for recycling.

Don’t store auto batteries long term on your property. Even newer batteries can start to crack and leak if they are past their warranty and stored outside of your vehicle. Your battery should be safe for short-term storage in your garage, but it’s best to take it to a recycling station as soon as possible.


Do Car Batteries Get Recycled?

Car batteries have hazardous materials, so they can’t be disposed of in your typical garbage. Don’t let harmful lead and acid be stored improperly in a landfill, but work with your local hazardous waste station or auto parts store for safe recycling of your battery. With about 98% of Americans safely recycling their batteries, it’s essential to be part of this percentage and keep your environment safe.

If you’re uncertain of the right replacement battery or best motorcycle batteries, speak to a local representative at an auto parts location. An online store can also provide you with the right specifications of a battery for your vehicle. When you pick up a battery in store, you can even ask for free installation of your newly purchased auto part.

An auto parts store makes it easy to recycle your car battery. When you take your vehicle to a local, reliable store, you can not only receive dead car battery diagnosis services, but also have your battery removed, recycled and replaced in one convenient stop. Shop for a replacement battery with a generous warranty for peace of mind as you drive away from a one-stop battery removal and replacement service.



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