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7 Creative Ways To Use Baby Wipes For House Cleaning | Home Cleaning Wipes

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​Why Use Baby Wipes For Ho​me Cleaning?

​Baby wipes have an unspoken influence over your life - especially when you have kids. The relationship is imperative to the needs of a mom.  You will find them in the car, your home and in your purse all the time. It is like an emergency tool for all the messes that your kid manufactures. 

​Now, nobody can explain the use of a baby wipe better than a mom. They know how and when a baby wipe can come handy. Of course for wiping baby but. Also for cleaning dirt on their hands, face, and clothes. But this is not the end of the story. Because the use of baby wipes is not limited to babies. Rather, baby wipes can be used to clean your home. 

​How will they help keep your home clean? Let’s find out!

1. Marks and stains removal

​A baby filled house will be certainly crowded with marks. You will find them scribbling now and then. On the floor and walls largely. 

​Surfaces covered with crayon marks can be easily removed with the help of wipes. All you have to do is rub the surface with the help of a wet wipe. A dry wipe can come handy too. But then you will have to first pour baking soda on the surface. Especially if the marks cover a wooden surface. 

​In the case of stains, both dry and wet wipes work effectively. So next time if your child has spilled liquids or scribbled food all across the dining table. All you have to do is immediately grab a wipe and clean the messes there and then.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

​2. An effective duster

Cleaning Duster

Cleaning Duster

​If you ever see your mom dusting tables and chairs using a wipe. Don’t be surprised. Instead, they can be a great tool for removing dust. One gentle stroke is what you need. Instead, it is also a good way to keep the house disinfected. Baby wipes come with disinfecting properties. Therefore, an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. 

​Kids also have the habit of touching everything in the house. So, parents are always looking for ways to keep their hands tidy. One of the ways is to remove all the dust using wipes as mentioned earlier. The other way is to wipe their hands-off every time they touch objects lying around in the house. 

3. Bathroom cleanser

Baby wipes

Baby wipes

​There are several ways through which you can clean the bathroom. Lots of products only for the purpose of bathroom cleaning. So, you might be wondering what can a tiny baby wipe do? I am not saying you start cleaning the floor with them. But there are many other objects in the bathroom that are not cleaned on a regular basis. For example, taps, towel holders, brush holders, mirrors, etc. So, if you are looking for a quick fix - these tiny natural cleaning agents can work miracles for you. 

​You can put your kids up to this task. Their hands will remain clean and so will the hygiene of the bathroom. Just hand them one of the wipes and tell them to clean the taps and brush holders with it. You will certainly notice the difference. 

​The added advantage to this technique is that all the corners will be cleaned impeccably. Because when you clean with big clothes the area covered is less. Fortunately, with wipes, a little scrub on the top, bottom, inside and on the adjacent sides will do the trick. 

(Tip: They are a great substitute for toilet paper)

​4. Cleaner for liquid spills

House Cleaning

House Cleaning

​It is natural for toddlers to spill liquids around the house. They will spill it on the carpet, on themselves and on the floor too. Liquid stain on the carpet is a major concern here. As we all know carpets adorn the floor of your home. The stain on a carpet can be really frustrating.

​So, instead of letting the stain dry on the carpet, you can instantly cover the liquid with a wipe. Use as many wipes as possible. Leave them over the stain for a while.  This will not only simmer down the carpet situation, but you will also be able to remove it easily afterward. 

​But remember to pick up the wipes after five minutes. Then use another to gently rub the stain off. You will definitely notice the difference. The stain will lighten up and it won’t spread over the carpet. 

​As far as other surfaces are concerned. A wipe is a quick fix for soaking and removing liquid stains efficiently. 

5. De-greases kitchen appliances

​Spilling water on the greasy pan is not enough. Sometimes washing them in the dishwasher is also not enough. A slight hint of an oily layer still covers the top surface. So, what will you do to keep it shiny and non-oily? 

Once you have finished cooking. Use a baby wipe on the surface and try to remove excess oil from the pan. Rub it nicely on all the corners and then pour the pan in the dishwasher. In addition to this, you can also clean immediate cooking stains. This trick will also save you time and keep all the appliances bacteria-free. 

6. Adds shine to leather

​One of the unique advantages of baby wipes is that they will add shine to the leather. If you have leather sofas or any other leather related object in your house, you can clean them instantly. Instead, if you are struggling to clean the scuff off the sofa, try a wipe. Therefore, it will remove the marks and keep the shine intact simultaneously. 

7. Removes deodorant stains

​Most of the time we look forward to smelling good and with that comes the act of spraying tons of body sprayers. It will not be easily noticeable but it will steadily form a white stain on your t-shirt. So, instead of smearing your shirt with deodorant stains, wipe it clean with the help of a baby wipe.

​This way your closet will smell good and the fear of staining your clothes in white will never keep you away from deodorizes. 

​To sum up we can say that baby wipes can be used effectively for various purposes. From cleaning kitchen pans to removing crayon marks - it is one of the accurate and fastest methods. Plus it is not necessary that only a house surrounded by kids necessitates the use of baby wipes. Anyone can use it as a quick clean fix. So next time you come across a stain, try using a baby wipe. 


Author Bio: Sean Roberts is a blogger at Zuma’s Cleaning which is known for providing #1 Cleaning Services in NYC. He began writing when he was still in college. He has written on Home Improvement, Lifestyle, Fashion, and beauty. And he is always on a lookout for something new.

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