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10 Uses For Air Compressors At Home

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Uses Of Air Compressor

Uses For Air Compressors

air compressor

When you think about air compressors, there are only a couple of avenues of usage that come to mind.

However, you might be surprised by how many users you can actually get out of your regular air compressor. Intrigued? Well then, without further ado, let’s get started? 

Uses For Air Compressors

1. Airbrushing Paint 

Yes, unconventional as it may sound, an air compressor can be used to apply paint on various surfaces. You guessed it; it does so by airbrush painting.

This is perhaps one of the most creative uses of an air compressor. You can either do the job yourself or hire an artist to create some more intricate patterns on your car, motorcycle, and even add accessories such as helmets.

Some smaller air compressors are great for this purpose as they are much easier to handle and maneuver about. In addition to looking unique, you will get a completely customized design. 


2. Makeshift Paintball Thrower

In addition to merely using an air compressor for your garage, who would’ve thought you could use it as a paintball gun! If you have had the pleasure (or displeasure) of taking part in a paintball fight, you can probably understand the kind of force that a paintball uses.

An air compressor can mimic that pressure pretty closely, so if you are short on paintball guns, it can be used as a quick substitute. Just be careful while you experiment with the air compressor and always remember to wear the proper safety gear. 


3. Improvised Snow Machine 

If you live in an area where you don’t get much snow or perhaps none at all, an air compressor can give you that white Christmas that you have always wanted.

Either that or if you want to add some extra holiday cheer to your house or are looking to create a more festive air, an air compressor may be the unexpected helping hand that you never knew you needed.

What’s great about having this makeshift snow machine is that you can share the joy, quite literally, and show your neighbors and friends a good time as well.  

Uses For Air Compressors

Electric-powered air compressor

4. Deep Diving 

You might be surprised to hear that diving cylinders use compressed air in order to supply breathing gas for divers. There are two types of diving, that is, low pressure and high-pressure diving.

Low pressure or surface supplied diving and even scuba diving cylinders that both use this feature. In order to ensure the utmost safety, these cylinders are supplied with specialized air compressors because these are ideal for regulating pressure, heat, and gas blending. 


5. Tyre Inflation 

Inflating your tires is a necessity and a chore that you keep track of from time to time. It is integral for the safety of any vehicle, whether it is a car, truck, scooter, or motorcycle, etc. For most older models, you should be able to inflate a tire on your own.

There is a wide variety of air compressors for this purpose. For obvious reasons, larger models are better for bigger vehicles, while smaller and simpler air compressors are more recommended for bicycles and motorcycles. 


6. Pressure Washing

Let’s face it, every once in a while, we would all like to give your front lawn and driveway a complete overhaul and that typically starts with cleaning the whole area. Typically, people use pressure washers for this purpose.

However, if you don’t own a pressure washer, then don’t be disheartened just yet because the air compressor can do the job as well. You will have to proceed with caution, though i.e., avoid pointing using it if you are on the roof or on a ladder to maintain your balance and do not point it, anybody, directly.  


7. Stapling Tool 

Whether you are talking about staple guns or nail guns, they both operate on the same working principle. That is, pressure is applied in order to push the nail or the staple through to the end. It works on both stones, steelwork, as well as concrete.

Since nail guns are a bit dangerous and have been known to cause injuries, an air compressor can be used as a safer substitute. It regulates the same amount of pressure and mimics a nail gun without the risk that goes with it. 


8. Air Blowing Gun 

You might have come across one of these at one time or another. Air blowing guns are typically used to clean out machinery, mainly keyboards and electronic chips from dust particles. Since this kind of equipment is a bit sensitive, it cannot be cleaned using a pressure washer as it would run the risk of damaging it.

An air compressor is gentler and gets the job done as it can get into those nooks and crannies for a thorough cleanse. 


9. Air Sanding 

Air sanders are typically used to sand certain smooth surfaces. Another unexpected use of air compressor is that they can be used for air sanding different surfaces.

Most people prefer these over traditional electric sanding because it produces less heat. This means that they are safe to use even over long periods of time. 


10. Sand Blaster 

Similar to air sanders, sandblasters are also used to prep surfaces. It is a common technique used to clear surfaces of impurities.

In addition to sand, you can also use water or silica. However, it would be best to consult a professional before doing so in order to end up with the best possible result. 



We can honestly say that we were as surprised as you might be right about now. As they say, knowledge is power. As you can see, air compressors are not as dull as they may seem. So, the next time you’re in a similar pinch, you can look to your air compressor for a quick fix. There are numerous reasons after all for buying an air compressor of your own, so you might want to buy one for yourself very soon, best of luck, folks! 







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